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Making Things Happen. Mastering Project Management. Scott Berkun. O’ REILLY8. Beijing • Cambridge • Farnham • Koln • Paris • Sebastopol • Taipei • Tokyo. Making Things Happen doesn’t cite specific methods, but focuses on Microsoft project veteran Scott Berkun offers a collection of essays on. Available in: Paperback. In the updated edition of this critically acclaimed and bestselling book, Microsoft project veteran Scott Berkun offers a.

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Project management is a core business skill that every successful business professional must learn. For the grand finale I chose Scott Berkun, who I don. Jul 19, Lois Keller rated it really liked it. Reading this was like reading the blueprint for how the best projects are managed at Microsoft. And the book is skewed towards software development. Jun 27, Yingying rated it really liked it Shelves: While the PMBOK is a great reference book for various PM related tools, this book actually speaks to how to manage, how to deal with difficult situations, and many simple tricks of the trade.

You can ask these questions: Unfortunately, this book is a wordy collection of very general strategies and tactics, lacking the practical advise it advertises.

The book: Making Things Happen | Scott Berkun

Ghings discussion questions post reading would be an excellent resource to ensure I cover the ideas you consider most important. Like the broad foundation of the authors insights, this book applies to a wide range of situations, whether in developing software, running a business or any organization.

Each chapter includes tons of real world examples. Through his life at Microsoft, Scott gained a lot of experience, not just by managing people, but through watching others do.


Berkun understands that people are at the heart of projects, and this makes the book both highly readable and instantly useful. Berkun made me chuckle, made me think, and best-of-all, after just a few hours of bsrkun, I found myself thinking of many ways I could make my team more effective and my products better.

I found enough useful advice to recommend this to anyone who’s interested in being more than a code monkey in any reasonably large software organization.

We not only had lots of discussion around the tops of this book, but also acted as project managers for sophomore makng in a six-week long project. Sounds confusing as such, but think of me telling you that bappen smell.

Unfortunately, most people learn it by managing projects without training or support, relying on mistakes and feedback to improve their skills. But it’s a pretty dry and dense topic.

Remember, and this is why we have short sprints, communication is still the biggest problem, see Tower of Babel as a story. A recruiter from Microsoft recommended it to me, saying if I would like to know something about project management, I don’t want to miss this book.

This a very long-winded read. Feb 05, Bruno Fernandes rated it really liked it.

Review of Making Things Happen by Scott Berkun

This is actually one reason we often build designs in the sprint before they are implemented, to have a bigger feedback cycle. Jan 26, Tyson Titensor added it. No other part of the work so cripples the resulting system if done wrong. But a good manager will stop by, ask “what problems are you dealing with? A guide for discussion groups.

Making Things Happen

Scott Berkun, formerly a project manager for Microsoft, has a knack for skipping the complicated jargon and convoluted methodologies that characterize most project management books. Oct 23, Johnny Graber rated it did not like it. Good book covering the common difficulties of project management. You can stop reading now and just buy the book if you want. In terms of why lists are important, he says that you need something simple to know that the most important thing gets done scottt. Simple and honest, at times very humorous writing.


There’s lots of fantastic advice and wisdom, but I’m not sure how much will “stick” happne me and my work situation.

I’ve read a lot about management but it is my first time to read a book written in such practical and to-the-point manner. You should tgings your design from the customer perspective and mull over it with a diverse set of people to get lots of different experiences involved.

I’ve read many books on managing software projects, and they often tend to tell you what goes wrong or can go wrong, which I know already, as I’ve lived it. To purchase books, visit Amazon or your favorite retailer. Jan 31, Erika RS rated it really liked it Shelves: I took a class in software management and the professor used this book This book is really good. Making Things Happen doesn’t cite specific methods, but focuses on philosophy and strategy.

May 03, Wendy rated it really liked it Recommends it for: So what are leaders and managers? Wh This is an excellent book for anyone who wants to understand project management on a practical level.

And the book is definitely full of experience and practical advice.