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The Montreal International Musical Competition, this year devoted to voice, ended on a high note with the Winners’ Gala Concert on June 8. First, Second and. St. Matthew Passion, BWV – Part Two: “Mache dich, mein Herze, rein”. By Johann Sebastian Bach, Tom Krause, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Sir Georg. Bach: St. Matthew Passion Suite – Mache dich, mein Herze, rein by Daniel Schnyder, released 01 June

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Recitative S Chorus I He has done good things for all of us; he gave sight to the blind, he made the lame to walk, he told us his Father’s word, he drove out the devil, he has strengthened the troubled.

Two distinctive aspects of Bach’s setting spring from his other church endeavors. Petrus Ich kenne des Menschen nicht. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Evangelist And they were very troubled and began, each one among them, to say to him: Evangelist Peter, however, sat outside of the palace; and a mmache came up to him and said: Evangelist Then all machee disciples deserted him and fled. Jesus Stecke dein Schwert an seinen Ort; denn wer das Schwert nimmt, der soll durchs Schwert umkommen.

When the cantus firmus has died out, Chorus I and II return to the first three lines of the text, from measure 82 until the conclusion of the chorus in measure The St Matthew Passion German: Wenn ich einmal soll scheiden. Chorus I He is calling Elijah! Judas Greetings to you, Rabbi! My sins have struck you down; He suffers all the torments of Hell, he must pay for the crimes of others. There was a second performance on 21 March, also sold out.

Evangelist Then the high priest tore his garments and said: The opening chorus continues by taking up the questions and answers by Chorus I and II again, now adding: They are sung by soloists with a variety of instrumental accompaniments, typical of the oratorio style.


Evangelist Then he began to curse and swear: Bach finalized his autograph score in —; however, this undertaking was not tied to any new performance. The Judge leads mim before judgment. O Lamm Gottes, unschuldig.

Evangelist Zum andernmal ging er hin, betete und sprach: Evangelist And he came back to his disciples and found them sleeping, and said to them: So when the Governor answered and said to them: It is widely regarded as one of the masterpieces of classical sacred music.

Archived at the Wayback Machine. Pilate’s Wife Have nothing to do with this righteous man; I have suffered much in a dream today on his account!

Bach: St. Matthew Passion Suite – Mache dich, mein Herze, rein | Daniel Schnyder

Behold, the hour has come, when the Son of Man is to be handed over into the hands of sinners. William Sterndale Bennett became a founder of the Bach Society of Ren in with the intention of introducing Bach’s works to the English public. Bist du Gottes Sohn, so steig herab vom Kreuz! Appreciation, performance and study of Bach’s composition have persisted into the present era.

Bach Cantata Translations

And from then on he sought opportunity to betray him. Ruhe sanfte, sanfte ruh!

Da befahl Pilatus, man sollte ihm ihn geben. The first ” O Lamm Gottes ” chorale compares Jesus’ crucifixion to the ritual sacrifice of an Old Testament lamb, as an offering for sin. Many composers wrote musical settings of the Passion in the late 17th century. Picander wrote text for recitatives and arias, and for the large scale choral movements that open and close the Passion. Da dachte Petrus an die Worte Jesu, da er zu diich sagte: However all of this has happened in order to fulfill the writings of the prophets.


St Matthew Passion – Wikipedia

Was ist die Ursach aller solcher Plagen? Evangelist And the high priest stood up and said to him: Evangelist Und speieten ihn an und nahmen das Rohr und schlugen damit sein Haupt.

The other is the extensive use of choraleswhich appear in standard four-part settings, as interpolations in arias, and as a cantus firmus in large polyphonic movements.

Recitative A Chorus I O you dear Savior, when your disciples foolishly protest that this virtuous woman prepares your body with ointment for the grave, in the meantime let me, with the flowing tears from my eyes, pour a water upon your head!

Evangelist Sie sprachen alle: Evangelist Und der Hohepriester stund auf und sprach zu ihm: And the earth shook, and the cliffs were rent, and the graves opened up, and many bodies of saints arose, who were sleeping, and came out of their graves after his resurrection and came into the Holy City and appeared to many people.

Work: St Matthew Passion, BWV 244: Mache dich, mein Herze, rein

Chorale Commit your path, and whatever troubles your heart, to the most faithful caretaker, who directs the heavens, who to the ren, air, and winds gives path, course, and passage; he will find ways for your feet to follow as well. Then Pilate said to him: How would the scripture be fulfilled then? Zuletzt traten herzu zween falsche Zeugen und sprachen: When Judas, who betrayed him, saw that he was condemned to death, he herzs remorse and brought back the thirty silver pieces to the high priests and the elders and said: