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Club-winged Manakin Machaeropterus deliciosus the genus Machaeropterus, the Striped Manakin (Machaeropterus regulus) and the Fiery-capped Manakin. Club-winged Manakin (Machaeropterus deliciosus), , Niels Krabbe, , , Ecuador, Pichincha: ridge between Río Mindo and Río Nambillo. Club-winged Manakin 9· cm; 1 female 12 g. Distinctive manakin, male with greatly modified secondaries. Male has scarlet forehead and crown, dusky.

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Buenaventura Reserve, El Oro. Pipridae Monotypic Authors needed It is apparently closely related to the other members of the genus Machaeropterusthe Striped Manakin Machaeropterus regulus and the Fiery-capped Manakin Machaeropterus pyrocephalusalthough quite different in both plumage and display behavior from either. Status and conservation Not globally threatened Least Concern. Pipra regulus Hahn By shaking its wings times a second, the club-winged manakin can produce up to 1, single sounds during that time.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lower Tandayapa Valley, Pichincha.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pipridae Bird genera Pipridae stubs. This Pipridae -related article is a stub. Note especially the quiet, static-like sound at the beginning of the cut, associate with the unusual double tone sonations.

Machaeropterus – Wikipedia

Occasionally accompanies mixed-species flocks. The club-winged manakin has the unique ability to produce musical sounds with its wings. BSA To obtain a wav file of the original recording, please contact csa humboldt. Next to the strangely ridged feather is another feather with a stiff, curved tip.


macjaeropterus Brought in closer with playback. Skip to main content. This display is very different from the bell-like call of Fiery-capped, or the two-note call of Striped, neither of which are associated with a wing display. Each wing of the club-winged manakin has one feather with a series mxchaeropterus at least seven ridges along its central vane.

External sites may use a different taxonomy than Xeno-canto. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Taxonomy articles created by Polbot All stub articles.

This page was last edited on 26 Octoberat Club-winged Manakin is mainly found in the mid-story of foothill forest. This raking movement allows a wing to produce 14 sounds during each shake.

The manakins are a family Pipridae of small bird species of subtropical and tropical Central and South America. Filtered version on Moore et al. The Club-winged Manakin is one of the more unique, and colorful manakins in South America. There’s a role for everyone! Machaeropterus Club-winged manakin Machaeropterus deliciosus Scientific classification Kingdom: Music on the Wing in the Forests of Ecuador”.

Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 26 November To make the most of all of HBW’s features, discover our subscriptions now! Uncommon to fairly common but local, or very local, within relatively small Calls from a male at a lek.

Photos of Club-winged Manakin (Machaeropterus deliciosus) | the Internet Bird Collection (IBC)

Unlike either Striped or Fiery-capped, the male Club-winged Manakin has no streaking on the underparts, but is entirely dark maroon red with a scarlet red crown, black wings, modified, white-edged secondaries, and white underwing coverts. Retrieved 27 June Reserva Las Tangaras, Mindo, Pichincha.


At least four males displaying at a lek, approximately 10 to 30 meters away. Young growth in humid forest. Some species pop like a firecrackerdeliicosus there are a couple that make whooshing noises in flight.

Sound produced by wing movements during lekking.

Club-winged Manakin (Machaeropterus deliciosus) :: xeno-canto

Fraser in Ecuador, at Nanegal, Calacali, Perucho, and Puellaro, with notes and descriptions of new species”. Each time it hits a ridge, the tip produces a sound. Total recording duration From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bibliography Only subscribers are able to see the bibliography.

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Club-winged manakin Machaeropterus deliciosus. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Breeding Egg-laying in Mar—Aug in Colombia. Machaeropterus is a jachaeropterus of passerine birds in the manakin family Pipridae. Un Poco del Choco, Pichincha.

Wing trill display from about 25ft away, heard displaying and then called closer with playback. Distinctive manakin, male with greatly modified secondaries. Recorded at a remarkable high elevation for the species.

Recommended citation Snow, D.