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First off, that’s not the industry standard. At least, not for any industry I’m familiar with. ARM-based MCUs like the Freescale Kinetis series or ST. M16C. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirect page. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Redirect to: Renesas Electronics#M16C microcontrollers. R5FMDFA#U0 from RENESAS >> Specification: Microcontroller, M16C Family M16C 60 Series Microcontrollers, 16bit, 25 MHz, KB, 31 KB.

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This is provided as Visual Studio 6 source on the Renesas hompeage http: Anyway, if there is no such serial number how could I create one? I would prefer to save a ID in program memory.

Microcontrollers unique ID ?

If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question. Thank You both for these suggestions. Then ask specific questions here. Usually, you go with a component that meets the need and nothing more.

Another way is to have your flash programmer insert a unique serial number at a fixed location in each image it saves, but if you’re doing remote updates that might wipe out the number unless you’re careful to not reprogram that flash block.

The Renesas M16C is not an ‘industry standard’ for me. You have given no explanation for what you need it for, so we can’t offer any rational, evidence-based analysis. Do I have to write a ID in memory first or does such a number already exist? What are the superior features? To read a string of bytes from a pre-determined memory address FFFC0 in this exampleuse code like this: So we can’t help you. Schould I choose the generic boot device?


I know it’s mlcrocontroller industry standard but what would it add to my simple project? So, to answer your question, I really can’t think of a reason why you should use a Renesas M16C.

M16C TinyBrick

Not to forget good readable datasheets. Nothing is really superior in general, it’s more so what fits your project. In any case I voted to close as too opinion based. There isn’t really such a thing as “the industry standard microcontroller” except possibly in some manufacturers’ marketing departments as something they like to tell themselves.

Indeed the availability of a good toolchain is the important thing and lots of support in online communities. Ok, now its clear.

To read a string of bytes from a pre-determined memory address FFFC0 in this exampleuse code like this:. I personally like to add toolchain support on Linux as that is a very comfortable platform for developing your own software and tools in my opinion.

I still have some questions: The variable should be in a non volatile part of memory. Each microcontrolle guaranteed to have a unique bit serial number, and you only need to use up one pin of the MCU to interface with it. I have to apologize because I have found the answer just a few posts below after posting this. Please read the help center to learn how to ask good questions. Just a few things have to be taken care of, like connecting some pins of the MCU properly. What matters is “community standard” i.


Meaning, we can’t say what is better for you, that depends on your project. User Join or Sign In. First off, that’s not the industry standard. Would it be ok to work with an Arduino for instance?

Microcontrollers unique ID ? – M16C – Forum – M16C – RenesasRulz

There are many more MCU lines that are used quite a lot. Another issue is that: One option is to use a 1-wire “silicon serial number” chip DS I already downloaded FDT. If you can’t understand it from microcpntroller website and its datasheet, then it’s unlikely that you are going to be successful using it.