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Franco may have won the war, but he lost the literature. So finds Nick Caistor in Soldiers of Salamis by Javier Cercas. Javier Cercas’s Soldados de Salamina (Soldiers of Salamis) is a hybrid, metafictional (or self-reflective) blend of fiction and fact, novel and. Soldados de Salamina: Soldiers of Salamis. Javier Cercas, Author TusQuets $ (p) ISBN Tweet. More By and About This Author.

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Indeed, if it were not for the stunning success of Soldados de Salaminahe would be more forgotten still. Strums a chord in saalamina heart. Better therefore, as antidote to such unwelcome memories, to invent a caricature hero, indelibly scarred but indefatigable warrior for all the right causes.

This novel truly deserves all those stars. Cercas ce many Spanish people of his generation have been reluctant to write about the Civil War which was experienced directly by their grandparents’ generation.

Published September 1st by Tusquets first published June 7th But from the very outset of Soldiers of Salamis it is plain that this is a literary quest, the hope being that the fictional invention will be more convincing in the end than any biographical memoir. Notify me of new comments via email. I started reading about it a month or two ago, and the more you read about it, the more you want to read about it, but I only came to know this when I was already a grownup and working.

Example is Japan trying to deny the atrocities of their own soldiers or their Mongolian recruits during the rape of Nanking or the presence of comfort women in the different countries in Southeast Asia including the Philippines. Got a comment, question or suggestion?

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Mar 18, Irene rated it it was amazing. Me parece imprescindible y me ha enganchado en todo momento. Our teachers did not teach us at least in the provincial public elementary school where I came from that it was actually Aguinaldo who ordered the execution of Bonifacio.


Soldados de Salamina

Also, you can be a decent person salaminq a whole lifetime, but you can’t be awe-inspiring without a break, and that’s why a hero is only a hero exceptionally, once, or at most, during a spell or insanity or inspiration. Twitter Facebook Google Print. Nov 29, David rated it really liked it Shelves: In terms of time, it spans the most of the 20th century; and at certain points in time, it cut the land that Spain consists of up into pieces.

The writer’s task is to invent the reality. What is history after all? In a time when some voices were still just starting to be heard gain, this book clearly points out that history is merely the opinion of who tells the story, and a hero and villain can be hard to identify when faced with individual tales. I only realized this, I loz, when I read some interview with Javier Cercas the author.

Soldados de Salamina by Javier Cercas

Cercas the narrator whose father has just died is not quite Cercas the author whose father is still alive. Soldados de Salamina was adapted by the director and screenwriter David Truebapremiering in Spain on March 21, In the first section of the novel, a fictionalized version of the author, also called Javier Cercas and a journalist, interviews the son of Mazas.

Early on, he writes a brief article in his newspaper based on the retelling by Mazas’s son. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. But otherwise a really excellent, enjoyable, educational, interestingly structured, serious yet never haughty novel that, best of all, felt to me unlike a novel “all good tales are true tales, at least for those who read them”. I am sure that other countries have some parts of their histories distorted just to protect their image or uphold their national patrimony.

Memories, reflections, “lies, lies and lies” quoting Miralles. Nel un giornalista intervista uno scrittore, che gli racconta la singolarissima vicenda del proprio padre, tra i fondatori della falange, ‘fucilato’ nella zona dei Pirenei dove, verso la fine della Guerra Civile Spagnola, molti Repubblicani fuggivano verso la Francia con un carico di prigionieri.


Many of the corpses of those shot who had been exhumed, had their hands tied behind their backs. Soldiers of Salamis Spanish: So author Cercas achieves, by the most subtle of methods which include a fascinating fictional conversation with Roberto Bolano, far more than he could ever have done d any outright criticism of Falangist philosophy.

Javier Cercas

So anyway, after Franco died, Spain was lucky enough to have had good King Juan Carlos named by Franco as his successor, and javer we all know, he was a spanking good chap who helped Spain along and even through a second right-wing coup attempt on its teetering legs towards Democracy. Soldiers of Salamis has ccercas been viewed in the context of a national debate in the first decade of the twenty-first century about how the Spanish Civil War should be commemorated.

I wanted a copy of this book long before I read Cercas’ “Anatomy of a Moment” and finally tracked it down in Spain.

At that time [Falangist leader] Jose Antonio was very fond of quoting a phrase of Oswald Spengler’s; that at the eleventh hour it had always been a squad of soldiers that had saved civilisation. Or someone, like Allende, who understands that a hero isn’t the one who kills, but the one who doesn’t kill or who lets himself get killed. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

There is some hilarious episodes in this chapter and Cercas’ witty commentary makes it fun to read. He is discovered by a republican militiaman, who stares him in the face, and then spares his life, shouting to his companions that there is no one there.

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