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Liquid War 6: libsys. If version is X.Y.Z, this is Y. This one should increase manually at each significant/public release of the game. Return value: a non- NULL. Pls any one who provide me Libsys Manual in Soft copy. LibSys is an integrated multiuser library management software, that caters to the needs of an advanced library and information professionals. It provides a tree.

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The function will use the filename only anyway.

Libsys Manual

Returns the program major version number. Duplicates a reentrant list. Returns the libdir value defined by the GNU Autoconf. Additional features of this system are: Gets the home directory of the user. The key pointer need not be persistent, it can be freed after affectation. Returns the default log file. Performs all initializations required for lw6sys functions to behave correctly, this includes locale settings, timer initialization, memory management related stuff.

Returns the arguments which would allow another program to link against liquidwar6. This is just a cryptic thing, incremented at each. Transform an id into a long integer. Transforms a string into a pointer, this is typically used to store pointers in temporary agnostic storage such as a database.

Logs all the main options values which are not config-file dependant but depend on built-in defaults, command-line arguments and environment variables. This is not a bulletproof function, just a simple heuristic based estimator. Skips blanks at the beginning of a string. Returns the id of the package.


This one is thread safe. A function which can be used to implement smooth moving.

By path we mean here a list of separated directories, separated by: Sets a progress struct to default values, that is, ranging from 0.

Checks wether the reentrant list is empty or not. So this function will not allow you to write down arbitrary binary data, however LW6 uses mostly text files to store information, and opaque binary data usage is not recommended. Strips the slash, or in a general manner, the directory separator, at the end of a path, if needed. Performs all cleanup required after all lw6sys functions have been called.

Converts a color from floating point format to a single integer, where all fields ARGB are serialized.

Liquid War 6: libsys

Truncates a string to the max given length, by truncating the middle of the string, and putting the string middle at this place. Truncates a string to the max given length. Converts a color from floating point format to a single integer, where all fields ABGR are serialized.

Executes a function on mmanual assoc items. Serializes a bit integer in a byte buffer. This function will modify the buffer so str must be writeable. If the hash is properly sized, then once one has found the right assoc, finding the right key is fast, since there are only a few of them in each assoc, and it avoids scanning for for all keys, which is the very purpose of the hash.

This is used internally to match options and config file parameters, for instance. Z, this is Z.



Mutex is our own wrapper on the pthread mutex object. Usefull to get rid of heading. Structure used to store informations about a manyal. Additional features of this system are:. Transforms a keyword into a “key”, that is, removes all heading dashes, switches to lowercase, and other stuff.

Converts a linar-scale value to a logarithmic one.

Clears a file, that is, make it a 0 byte file, empty, ready to be filled if needed. Thread handler manuall our own wrapper on the pthread object.

Returns a list containing all the keys of the assoc. This can typically be used for debugging purposes. This md5sum double-checks that two binaries have been built from the same sources.

Splits a path into all its parts. The version is meant to be set to something readable. A general sorting function. Note that this will only allow you to link against the main libliquidwar6 library, but not the dynamically loaded modules.

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Tells wether a color is pure grey or not. This is likely to be usefull when data is not dynamically allocated. Usefull to create the log directory itself, for instance, and avoid infinite loops on error.

Result is not dependant on machine endianess.