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LGN and Reveal the Steel utilize a great training style known as reverse Goal setting; Rep ranges; Compounds vs isolation; Machines vs free-weights. Contact Me · Gallery · Free Programs LGN has taken the fitness world by storm. Within the LGN program you will find the following. An in depth review of the LGN program by fitness expert and blogger JC Hype-Free: The first thing you’ll notice about the program, and this says a lot.

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A word from the author: Gain Muscle, Lose Fat, Look Great Naked LGN is a complete body-recomposition course that will teach you how to build muscle, lose fat, and maintain those results without sacrificing all your time and effort. And what happens when I do finally have the size I want?

He even gives you a twelve week workout that you can follow, which will lgm365 you to build that muscled, chiseled, lean, defined look you are looking for.

My LGN Review – JMax Fitness

I had hit a plateau, and was struggling to consistently hit the heavier weights with each ogn365 session. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. How should you eat? Keep up the great work. Please review our privacy policy for more information or to opt-out from the use of cookies. I have certain people in the industry that I follow and respect.


I’ve considered that, and there’s a lot of stuff in frde package, some of it probably not very useful or stuff I already think I know. Is there only one way?

The entire time I got the sense that this wasn’t just some gig for him, he really does care about about helping people reach their fitness goals. One Comment David November 7, 2: The most ridiculous part is that I have sabotaged myself in free past by succumbing to this behavior, even though I was consciously aware that I was being irrational.

Now are you ready to try following the LGN course to know exactly how it saves you time and energy for your weight loss goals? Pick a weight you can lift for reps and do as many reps as possible, but leave reps in the tank.

With LGN, you essentially have a full year of training and diet strategies mapped out for you. How much progress could you make with a focused, and direct plan?

After going through JC’s program, I was able to prove to myself that it’s possible. He felt cree many of you probably have. Even in a very non-ideal situation, I was able to finally make gains in strength again, while slowly getting leaner in 12 weeks.

A word from the author: It was effective in which adherence was effortless. It makes total sense and the results speak for themselves.


My LGN365 Review

What specifically about the fitness course LGN has helped you the most? Notify me of new posts by email. The Fat Loss Manual covers the following:. Just ask any of my readers and customers.

LGN is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals, audio, video, and excel files. My name is JC Deen, fitness coach, consultant, trainer, and writer.

I want you to know that I do have your best interest in mind. I’m considering getting another ‘huahua so I can curl both arms at the same time, maybe even a poodle for drag curls. This review is divided into 7 parts including: You see, I’ve been training since I was 13 years old, but it wasn’t until about the age of that I started to get my crap together. Long term dieters can probably relate to the months of ogn365 spinning I endured as I jumped from one program to another trying to find the solution to the dreaded fat loss plateau.

I think this will change over time, but fads are fads.