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This legislation includes the State Financial Administration Organic Law (Ley Law regarding the General Norms of the Government (Ley Organica. LEY N° “LEY DE BASES DE LOS PROCEDIMIENTOS ADMINISTRATIVOS QUE RIGEN LOS ACTOS DE LOS ORGANOS DE LA. Banco Central Articulo 1. La Administración del Estado estará constituida por los Ministerios, las Intendencias, las Gobernaciones y.

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The protection of sources from which journalists derive information is considered in legal systems across the world to be a mainstay of press freedom. This makes the case for new legislation on the regulation of cinema overwhelming, since until the laws are changed, and even if the CCC desists from further prohibitions, those it formally decreed are irreversible, placing the state in permanent violation of its treaty obligations not to permit prior censorship.

Plans to cbile the film were cjile stayed by a court chilee. For years the public was merely informed whether or not the decisions were unanimous: The two films were due to play in the Normandie art cinema in single screenings on July 23 and 24, as part of a successful tour that had already included eight Latin American countries.

Nevertheless, since these are administrative rulings of a public body, film classifications may be subject to later review and amendment by that body if in the public interest. The Supreme Court confirmed the decision.

In one case, based on the original denunciation of Losada’s lawyer, she was charged with breaching the secrecy of a criminal investigation secreto del sumario and of violating the above-mentioned norm in the Law on Abuses of Publicity. The CCC has not invoked it in recent years andconsiders it to have been tacitly repealed by the constitutional reform.

Any amendment of the article in question must be carried by a congressional majority of two-thirds. The legal action against Afani appears to have been motivated by her refusal to name her sources.

Freedom of Expression and the Public Debate in Chile

On top of this protection, Chilean law allows lley, at their own discretion, to ban reporting altogether on a case under investigation.

For this reason, by offending, debilitating or deforming the person of Christ, the questioned film offends and causes grievance to those who, like the petitioners, base their faith in the person of Christ, God and man, and on the basis of this conviction cuile reality assume and direct their own lives.


A review panel, misleadingly called an xhile court, may be called on to reconsider the rejection of a film following the presentation of a written appeal. Despite what appears to be an increasing consensus for the abolition of prior censorship, an amendment to Article 19 12 of the constitution tabled bythe government in the Chamber of Deputies in April has not progressed, and at the time of writing August Congress has still to vote on the issue. Judges abused it 1875 during the military government, and all political parties as well as press institutions, have harshly criticized it.

On June 17, the Supreme Court unanimously upheld the verdict on appeal, making the ban definitive. In AprilPresident Frei established a Commission on Public Ethics, composed of important political figures, jurists and academics, whose proposals were incorporated the following year into a bill on Honesty in Public Administration.

ley de probidad chile pdf

Television stations exhibiting films banned by the classification council or transmitting films classified for over-eighteens at family viewing hours risk fines or ultimately cancellation of their broadcasting licenses.

If this rule were applied le, it would deny journalists, as well as the general public and civil society groups, the information necessary to exercise their own right of criticism, independent of their elected representatives. Despite an important revival in Chilean cinema in recent years, much of the work of prize-winning Chilean directors in exile during the dictatorshiphas not yet been put on general exhibition in Chile.

The last two categories allow censors ample discretion in deciding when a film endangers public chiile and public order, concepts that are left undefined in Decree Law At the start of the projection, from chipe balconies of the big townhouse, Arturo Lley and other young people had thrown pamphlets against censorship, which covered the sidewalk.

History and Legal Norms. Without it, the media’s and hence the public’s access to information would be drastically reduced. Even less secure is the right of ordinary citizens, or pey of civil society groups, to have access to cgile information. Allard intervened on this occasion, too, to get the decision reversed. It also explicitly limits the right to withhold the identity of sources to journalists so defined, journalism students who have completed their courses or are on practice apprenticeships, newspaper director and editors, and foreign correspondents.

A few buses stopped in the middle of Alameda and the driver and passengers observed the unusual spectacle in astonishment. Arriving parcels are inspected randomly by customs, and if the addressee is unlucky he or she must make the journey to the central post office and pay duty to claim it.

  6ES7 153-2BA82-0XB0 PDF

On prior censorship, therefore, the older bill has been superseded by the January initiative, although its other proposals will be taken into account when Congress leu establishes new mechanisms to regulate the cinema.

Conservative opinion, especially in the Senate, still 18557 the reform. In addition, on April 28,the CDE asked that she be prosecuted for violating the secrecy of a criminal investigation under the Law against Illegal Drug-Trafficking. The grounds entertained in the law for film censorship are extremely broad and include prohibition on ideological grounds, although this norm has not been enforced by the council since the return of democracy.

The new law establishes the public right to know and the circumstances in which access may legitimately be refused. Discussion of the role of the CCC is inevitably speculative because of the secrecy of its decisions and the fact that, unlike the CNTV, the CCC is not required to publish any periodic reports on its regulatory activities.

Is he domiciled at Ahumadaas the petitioners maintain? A higher age limit of twenty-one in the original decree was later eliminated to reflect the reduction of the legal age of majority from twenty-one to eighteen. The first of these categories is in line with the prohibition of the expression of Marxist ideas contained in Ely 8 of the constitution, which was repealed in August Human Rights Watch is concerned at the continuing practice of film censorship in Chile, which is carried out by a film lwy council whose decisions are not made public and whose structure has remained unchanged sincethe first year of the military government.

185775 The bill, drafted by the Education Ministry, is essentially a updated version of the law and retains prior censorship. The Last Temptation of Christ.

For this reason, the court believes that the right to emit an opinion is the right to describe a reality but never to deform it making it appear as something else.