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Les revenants [Ibsen Henrik] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 50 rooms; 18 heroes; scenes. Immersive show with full dive-in effect, based on Henrik Ibsen’s play “Ghosts”. The action takes place in the ancient mansion. This article describes the author’s experience in translating several of Ibsen’s plays Une maison de poupée, Un ennemi du peuple, Les Revenants, Le Canard.

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Hope you will like it and give your comments and suggestions. Ibsen has had a long life of his own in the Spanish language on the other side of the Atlantic, but I will not go into his reception in Latin America. Engstrand says the blaze was caused by Manders’ carelessness with a candle and offers to take the blame, which Manders readily accepts.

At the time, the mere mention of venereal disease was scandalous, and to show that a person who followed society’s ideals of morality was at risk from her own husband was considered beyond the pale. While some see in Dr. Those shifts of register have often been overlooked by available Spanish translations of Ibsen. The original title, in both Danish and Norwegianis Gengangerewhich can be literally translated as “again walkers”, “ones who return”, or ” revenants “.

Not alone did they translate and publish some of his plays, they also staged them.

Alving not to insure the orphanage, as to do so would imply a lack of faith in divine providence. Her language is therefore radically modern. Even when my first approach was to produce a literal translation, the fact that I was dealing with dramatic texts forced me to grapple with many subtleties that I had initially overlooked.

Return to the Origin. The play received many European performances. For instance, it is funny to see how the sentence irritates the young Hilde.

Having recently completed his work building Mrs. Gina and her husband are photographers, so the word appears often. I found it important not to introduce this kind of explanation of the original that can affect the interpretation of the play.


IbsenHenrik,An Enemy of the People, trans. The young Catalonian authors were interested in a revolutionary author from Norway, a country that was finding its way towards independence, and they saw in him a possible example of how to develop their own national Catalonian literature.

Antique look with Golden Leaf Printing and embossing with round Spine completely handmade binding extra customization on request like Color Leather, Colored book, special gold leaf printing etc. Pedro Pellicena Madrid, Ediciones Kronos. However, I am convinced that there can be many extremely different and equally good translations of the same text.

The same happens with incoherencies, which are often ironed out or skipped altogether. Duties towards religion, family and society represented the trap in which women where caught. As far as I know, the only other translations lee Spanish published in Lse that have been dir Somehow he managed to become world famous while writing in a language spoken by very few people.

I suppose the aim is to provide a richer language. Comedia en tres actostrans. However, this is not the case for translations into Spanish.

Les Revenants by Ibsen, Henrik

Gregorio Martinez Sierra, Madrid, Renacimiento. Ozimek-MaierJanis,Ibsen and Spain: Ibsen has had a long life of his own in the Spanish language on the other side of the Atlantic, I believe I have told you this kind of firearm is called a pistol.

During the action of the play, she discovers that her son Oswald whom she had sent away to avoid his being corrupted by his father is suffering from syphilis that he inherited from his father. Although official critics received it coldly, it aroused enthusiasm among leftist supporters.

Among the translators of note are the playwrights Feliu Formosa and Rodolf Sirera, along with Anne-Lise Cloetta, who translated directly from Norwegian.


The nuances in their lines are so accurate that, in the Norwegian original, one can feel the difference between the language these characters use when they speak to each other and the one they use when making an effort to speak in a more refined manner.


It was written in and first staged in in ChicagoIllinoisin a production by a Danish company on tour. Revemants a translation of this linguistic development ignores an important dimension of a character. In gratitude Manders offers to support Engstrand’s hostel.

Rrevenants the same time, I believed it was important to keep the language neutral in order to counteract the speed with which it ages. In order to mitigate the shock all the swearing could give some Spanish readers, I decided to use explanatory footnotes. He asks his mother to help him die by a morphine overdose to end his suffering from his disease, which could put him into a helpless vegetative state.

Find Rare Books Book Value. Mary Alden and Henry B. See Ibsen and Patricia W.

Les Revenants

This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat As one of the most important innovations Ibsen introduced into the theatre was the use of everyday language, I wanted to pay special attention to that aspect of his work. Gross, almost putrid indecorum Digte ” Terje Vigen “. When characters are made to speak contemporary Spanish, their language needs to be simplified. He finished it by the ibzen of November [10] revwnants published it in Copenhagen on 13 December.

Ibsen wrote Ghosts during the autumn of and published it in December of the same year. The oral character lfs the texts themselves forced me to approach my work increasingly as translations for the stage. She has built the orphanage to deplete her husband’s wealth so that their son Oswald will not inherit anything from him.