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A complete walkthrough for The Legend of Dragoon, written by Lassarina Aoibhell. The Legend of Dragoon Guides & Walkthroughs. The Legend of Dragoon is a Playstation 1 JRPG from Squaresoft that consists of 4 discs that span a total of 60 . when you enter the marshland you follow the path until you reach the fort where there are five or six battles with Sandora soldiers. after the battle with all the.

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Full Legend Of Dragoon Walkthrough – Guide for The Legend Of Dragoon

I will do the first and second chapters, while Cyril does Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. Bargin with him until he give it to you for FREE! Talk to the people here if you want. Just pound on him with some more attacks. More and More Number of Attacks: Step forward and you’ll get a surprise. However, Shana will gives out some mysterious light which totally destroyed the snake.

Physical attack strength M Attack: Note that he will keep doing this throughout the whole battle. They’re not very hard. Quite strong, and at times will be stronger then a perfect physical attack set from the Dragoon.


Dart might want to support if Shana is not here, because he is the same element as the Fire Bird. The battles are no harder than the last few battles were.

They should be easy to defeat. Lavitz should now have Rod Typoon, so he’s not entirely useless either. So all in all, additions are probably the mosu useful wapkthrough you can do.

The Legend of Dragoon/Marshland — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

Be sure to answer the first option when prompted so that Shana will not get angry. The Ocean This is a species specialised in status adnormalities spell. Battles are coming soon. awlkthrough

Then you will engage in the battle with Lavitz. She also doesn’t take too much damage from magic.

Sometimes, the attack slows down for a second, and the boxes turn Orange. It doesn’t mean anything He will tell you that he is Dabas of Lohan.

Now the path is passable, so follow it out! You will find a door at the bottom, and several guards near it. Stick to staying alive and you will beat them really soon. No matter what, proceed along to path to meet the boss of this area which is also known as guardian of the cave. Follow her to find her. With a party of two enemies that looked like this: Then return and follow the south path, ignoring the first room remember here you see on the south path and press X again when you are prompted.


Get the 50G from the white chest. Master All Additions Level 1 Legenr After he has about half of his HP left, he will divide himself into three! Turn left and upstairs, to find yet another annoying treasure chest.

If legfnd didn’t beat the soldiers with him, they’ll just run away. The path on the left has a ‘horse’ blocking it so proceed towards the right. Dart will then ask Lavitz that what is going on around here.