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It is the intention of this document to take the original 3rd edition 40K Kroot Mercenary army list written by Andy Hoare and update it to 5th edition 40K, We took. The following is an attempt to update the Kroot Mercenaries for 7th edition The army must select a single Evolutionary Adaptation from the list. as mercenaries across the Ultima. Segmentum and beyond. Their integration into the Tau Empire requires the Kroot to provide troops to Tau armies and.

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I could not use my Great Knarloc models as Deff Dreads, it was just too hard on the imagination to picture them exploding when hit by a lascannon. I’m not sure where to go afterwards, but these are the ideas I have had been considering: I’ll try to emulate Kroot with those rules and see if I like it!

Slaanesh-Devotee This is awesome! Medium of Death – click to view full reply. I’m so used to drybrushing skin that when I actually have to paint armor it never comes out the same, so none of my Tau-armored Kroot have the exact same color.

I’ve been wanting to play a Kroot army since I started 40k about a year ago. Oaka Kroot Razorbeak is what I will call it, that’s a great name. You make for a good case about Orks! The head needs some more work to cover up the dremel work, but is otherwise pretty close to getting some paint.

I think I’ll start working on the head next, along with assembling the howdah and weapon crew and painting them separately. It has been a very long process from my first concept to this point, but it’s a great centerpiece to the pist.

Warhammer 40,/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries – 1d4chan

Providing the Kroot with ranged weaponry that only a Krootox can match, I decided I had to have the maximum number of mounted Great Knarlocs allowed- 3. Oaka The body is finished: In the games I have played using this list, a unit of trueborn with blasters coming out of a webway portal has done very well for me. Nogdakka – click to view full reply. I jercenary your Kroots, especially all the modifications.


First army list, counts as Kroot Mercenaries 1500

So, I decided to convert the two Great Knarloc models into mounted variants. Just make the ethereal profile stand for master shaper and you mercenaru a hell lot of kroot once you factor in FW options. I can see why GW might not want to release a kroit that is mostly Forge World and conversion based, but there should be no problem just allowing the Knarlocs as Tau units.

The Avatar did the same thing on my left flank, and eliminated a unit of Striking Scorpions, Rangers, and a Farseer, before succumbing to a torrent of ranged weaponry. Any thoughts on what to add, delete or change before I add paint? I’m in love with the rocket launcher guys, the scheme is super slick, and am curious how your getting so many slick positions.

Ynneadwraith – click to view full reply. Rayvon – click to view full reply. Oaka – click to view full reply. Oaka It’s about time that I started a blog for this army as I am beginning to work on it on a semi-consistent basis, now. Augustus – click to view full reply. Medium of Death One thing you might consider doing is building up underneath the giant kroot beasts eyes. SelvaggioSaky – click to view full reply. Fortunately, it allows me to feel comfortable making a Kroot model that shares those characteristics.

Now without transports, foot Wyches do not last long, so the lists I’ve had some success with include a small unit of 2 Khymerae to go with each Wych unit Khymerae represented by Kroot Hounds and by using Ynnari rules.


Yes it’s desirable, yes it makes things better, but no it doesn’t fundamentally change what you’re eating and no you shouldn’t just drown the whole meal in it. Putty in the cracked skin mervenary make it appear like smooth muscle. My goal was to adequately copy the Forgeworld mounted Great Knarloc so the unit looked coherent together.

This is just literally lost revenue for GW. It was a very cool low tech army — that rounded out the Xenos options. Savnock Really, really great concept and beautiful execution, mate!

Check it out and let me know what you think! I’m trying to convey kroot Kroot feel but have it come across as an obviously enhanced Krootox.

Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

Great Knarlocs could be represented as Dread Knights, and everything in-between had a very reasonable counts-as choice. I don’t think I’ll make mine into AdMech though!

Slaanesh-Devotee – click to view full reply. It seems a bit DE in appearance but im not sure. I found them on eBay quite cheap.

ATM they are really stark. Especially as the straps etc are already there.

Do the Great Knarlocs feature in that army? It’s also supported in the fluff as Kroot eating Orks is what made them intelligent specie, not to mention the fact that they view Ork remnants as sacred relics.

40K RUMORS: Kroot Mercenaries Will Return – Bell of Lost Souls

Plus, ghost kroot could be phasing through all sorts of crazy things! I didn’t see it reading through. Your stuff is amazing. Way to keep the kroot alive.