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Ratifikohet “Konventa Evropiane “Për shtetësinë”” Shtetet Anëtarë te Këshillit te Europës dhe shtetet e tjera nënshkrues te kësaj Konvente, siç parashikohet ne nenin 8 te Konventës për mbrojtjen e te drejtave te njeriut dhe lirive themelore;. ndërlidhja e të gjitha të drejtave dhe lirive themelore të njeriut dhe nevojës së personave me aftësi të kufizuar për t’i garantuar ato pa diskriminim,. (d). 1 2. Te drejtat e njeriut. Donart Geci. RRETH VETURAVE NE KOSOVE. Marjan Dodaj. Të drejtat dhe liritë themelore të njeriut dhe. kulla

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Education for development and interdepedence through North South.

Representation and the quality of democracy in Albania a gender perspective. Raport mbi aktivitetin e Policise se Shtetit per viten dhe prioritet per vitin Strategia Kombetare per permiresimin e kusteve te jeteses se minoritetit Rom. It will also design the methodology for selection of the best practice projects. Planifikimi Strategjik ne kuader te sherbimeve sociale per femijet ne rruge ne qytetin e tiranes strategic plan for the provision of social services for children in tirana.

Analiza per punen dhe Veprimtarine e Policise se Shtetit gjate 6 mujorit te pare te vitit Furthermore, over the past period, the Project Secretariat had provided ad hoc assistance to beneficiaries in Albania namely the translation of the latest recommendations from the Framework Convention for Protection of National MinoritiesBosnia and Herzegovina namely expert advise on drafting the second report on the implementation of European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages and Serbia namely assistance with developing an action plan for minority inclusion, under Charter 23 of the EU accession.


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It was agreed that written comments on the baseline study would be submitted s 10 th April Lessons Learned and Manual. A Guide to Training Trainers specifically in relation to Trafficking in Children and the sexual exploitation of children.

Skip to main content. Convention on the rights of the child 89 questions 15yrs after In French. Integrated project responses to violence in everyday life in njerit democratic society.

The next Steering Committee meeting will be held in September Reports submitted by states parties under article 9 of the convention Albania. Identifying shortcomings in existing legislation and suggesting legislative action for improvement.

Securing Children’s Rights konvfnta the context of Armed Conflict. Viewing of the World a study of British television coverage of developing countries.

Wikipedia:Faqja kryesore/Artikulli i javës/Arkivi/2016

Standartet nderkombetare ne lidhje me dhunen ne familje dhe zbatimi I tyre ne vendet e Ballkanit Perendimor. Guide for cooperation and development of bio-medical technologies and clinical engineering. In the forthcoming period, the Project W will focus on supporting the project implementation, through monitoring and provision of technical expertise where needed. Compilation of general comments a nd general recommendations adopted by human rights treaty bodies.

Studim Monitorimi vendimeve tw gjykateve te rretheve qjyqesore Tirane, Shkoder dhe Vlore, per vitetne ceshtjet nueriut lidhen me trafikimin e qenieve njerezore.

Politikat e perfshires sociale per femijet dhe financimit I tyre ne Shqiperia. Children affected by war circumstances, post-war rehabilitation future perspectives. New Zealand Health Strategy to reduce violence in interpersonal relationships, families, schools and evro;iane. Platforma udhezuese e BE-se per barazine ndermjet grave e burrave Tourism and the commercial sexual exploitation of children inb jamaica and Dominican Republic.


A report on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of konvent Child in England. Consideration of reports submitted by states parties under article 44 of the convention.

Aspektet civile të rrëmbimit ndërkombëtar të fëmijëve by Edolina Morina on Prezi

Paths of education to children human rights,participatory democracy and active citizenship. United Nations Rules for the protection of Juveniles deprived of their liberty. Youth Work with Boys and Young Men as a means to prevent violence in everyday life.

Didactical instruments in education for development. The Promise of D. A CD Rom with examples of good practice and violations from around the world. Guidelines on Policies and Procedures in dealing with unaccompanied Children seeking Asylum. Gay Clergy Crisis, Gays in Football. Development effectiveness through gender mainstreaming: Experiences in training in Schools.

European Strategic approach for making pregnancy safer: The Convention and The Committee.

Raport Monitorimi I shkalles se Njohes dhe Zbatimit te strategjise se punesimit dhe formimit konvwnta nen kendveshtrimin e perkatesise gjinore. Studim krahasues I legislacionit shqiptar dhe atij te vendeve te zhvilluara per problemin e dhunes kunder gruas.

Ways of better integrating offenders into society. The Present and the Future.