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prof. dr hab. Konstanty Adam Wojtaszczyk . KRYZYSY W PROCESIE INTEGRACJI EUROPEJSKIEJ Urzędu Komitetu Integracji Europejskiej”, nr Alojzy Nowak, Konstanty Adam Wojtaszczyk, Łukasz Zamęcki K. Michałowska- Gorywoda, Integracja europejska, Wolters Kluwer Polska, Warsaw , p. Integracja w dezintegracji i dezintegracja w integracji: determinanty mechanizmów integracyjnych w Unii Europejskiej. Authors. Curyło Barbara . WOJTASZCZYK Konstanty Adam, NADOLSKA Jadwiga (red.) (), Kryzysy w procesie.

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Conversely, undemocratic regimes would seem to function most efficiently if the citizens are obedient and somewhat blindly supportive of their government. The answers were rated on the following scale: They maintain that democracy is influenced by three main types of factors: The study conclu- des that countries whose citizens display a lot of extreme europejskka in government tend to be undemocratic or their democracies are seriously flawed.

Newton, Trust, Social Capital…, p.

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This implies a key premise which states that mass attitudes influence the likelihood of developing and maintaining a democratic form of government. The relation is positive or there is no relation Methods and sample The dependent variable in this study is the democracy. This conclusion is reached after testing correlation oknstanty the extreme levels of confidence and democracy on a multinational sample.

This means that they hypothesize that the democracy and its quality is to a large extent dependent on social attitudes.

klnstanty Finally, the mean percentage of respondents expressing extreme confidence in government in authoritarian regimes is Naturally, using measures of confidence in government means that the study assumes that every regime, even an undemocratic one, repre- sents3 the beliefs, interests, and values of the citizens in a certain form.


Nevertheless, as Welzel himself admits, the number of empirical studies that test attitudinal influence on democracy is limited.

This provides a strong support of the hypothesis that a certain level of civic criticism and distrust of the government is necessary for sustaining democracy. This is in part because of the dif- ficulty with finding reliable data, especially, gathered in undemocratic countries.

Putnam, Bowling Alone, New York Scientific Inference in Quali- tative Research, Princetonp. The extreme confidence of government is measured according konstamty the World Value Data Surveys.

Nevertheless, some researchers argue that other variables, which are not mediated by eco- nomic development, are equally important. The aim of the study is to test wojtaszxzyk hypothesis that the greater the number of citizens sojtaszczyk display extreme confidence in government, the worse the quality of democracy. Opracowanie komputerowe, druk i oprawa: Such authoritarian governments, according to Lipset, are characterized by genuinely high approval ratings because they rule over citizens who are 11 K.

The importance of constraints in legislative bargaining, w: Literature Review One of wojtaszczyl first researchers to observe that the World Value Survey Database suggests a negative correlation between democracy and the confidence in government was Christian Welzel8 and Ronald Inglehart9.

In consequence, Christian Welzel concludes his study by saying: Is it the democracy that fosters economic freedom and development or does the relation run in the opposite direc- tion? S omczy ski red.

Lih, Lenin, Londonp. This study will show that limited trust or lack of extreme confidence in integfacja is not only something that marks the birth of democracies, but also is a feature characteristic of modern democratic regimes.


The Swiss Confe- deration started developing after the rebellion against the Habsburgian rule4. This article attempts to define disintegration integraacja the assumption that it should be defined through the prism of integration, and that such a defining process can not be limited to concluding a one-way contrast between disintegration versus integration and vice versa.

Welzel, Are Levels of Democracy…, p. Comparison of means Group Mean for extreme confidence in government full democracies 4.

Democracy, extreme confidence in government, Robert Putnam, World Value Survey, attitudinal indicators, political culture Introduction and research question The principal aim of this study is to examine the relation between democracy and extreme confidence in the government.

konstanty wojtaszczyk integracja europejska pdf creator

The mean percentage of respondents expressing extreme confidence in govern- ment in full democracies is 4. Zbigniew Kie mi ski Uniwersytet Warszawski Teoria polityki: Seligson, Civic Culture wojtzszczyk Democracy.

Welzel sees this as an interesting, albeit not a very significant correlation, which in his regression model encounters a significance barrier.