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For help, please follow our step-by-step instructions below. Before you shop, make sure of the following: Your Kobo Vox has the correct year, date, and time. Troubleshooting missing books on your Kobo eReader or Kobo Books app ยท Resuming the Kobo Vox setup Kobo Vox – User Guide (PDF). Required Setup Instructions: Kobo Vox. Estimated time: 10 minutes (if updates are not required). Note: There is a diagram of the button layout and some general .

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Finding Help Finding erfader If you have questions on how to use your Kobo Vox, use the built-in Help feature to find your answer.

Visit the Kobo Store at kobo. Your Kobo Vox has the correct year, date, and time. Tap the Home button on your Kobo Vox. Page 41 While reading, you may encounter reading notifications from Reading Life.

You’ll see a listing of open source attributions for your Kobo Vox. Tap the centre of the screen to continue. A battery icon at the top right corner of the screen shows you how much power you have left on your Kobo Vox. Manuql Highlighted Text Tap Share to post your message to the wall or set your status.


If you have shopped with Kobo before and saved your billing information, you’ll go directly to the confirmation screen.

To use a promo code to get a discount on your order: Press and hold the highlight you want to delete on the page. Kkobo of your Kobo Vox Swipe left or right to view the pictures or videos on your Kobo Vox.


Widget A widget is similar to an app, but is generally simple in functionality. Your Kobo Vox will connect to your computer. The Get Apps store allows ereadsr to buy new apps for your Kobo Vox. If your date and time are inaccurate, you may not be able to complete the Kobo account creation.

Any free eBooks will appear first in your results. To change library views: Tap eBooks on the top menu. Kobo Vox User Guide be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Tap Read Along Page Turning.

Kobo Vox User Manual

Kobo Vox User Guide Charging your Kobo Vox Before using your Kobo Vox for the first time, charge it for two hours so that it has enough power to complete the set up process. Turn off your Kobo Manuql.


Likes and comments on a page. When the preview has successfully downloaded, the Preview button will turn into a blue Library button.

Release your finger from the screen to remove the widget. When you’ve found a book you want to add to your Kobo Voxyou’re ready to go to checkout.

Removing Apps Home Screen. Tap the All Apps icon.

Kobo Vox specifications

Displays a clock with the hour and minute hand, and the current time. Tap Add Gift Card. Find a book you’re interested in. Kobo Vox User Guide Viewing additional book options Within your Library, you can view additional book options like book details, deleting a book, Facebook sharing settings, and koob.

You can also view how many people have read the book, how many comments were made on the book, and more.