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Their own name for their language was Khuzdul, which is evidently simply ” Dwarvish”, the Dwarves calling themselves Khazâd (singular Khuzd). We read that. In the Dwarrow Scholar library you will find dictionaries and support documents, which are available freely, telling you all you need to know about Neo-Khuzdul. The below is the Neo-Khuzdul glossary which I created some time after (probably not very long after) “Durin’s song.” I have not added or amended anything.

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All words must begin in a single consonant or in a vowel.

Creating new words roots. Well, here context is truly key. If so, there is no need to establish a pattern 1u23ul that involves the original radicals. Because as a writer that would be absolutely indispensable to me!

Documents & Dictionaries | The Dwarrow Scholar

Not only will it be a lot quicker but it also provides some functionality to create your own lines. Includes radicals N-R-Gq. December 18, at 6: Though these documents are aimed to khuzdlu further information to support the lessons provided on this site, they are not lessons themselves. Would you consider giving me an e-mail address so that i could contact you?

One of those new projects, with the aim to more easily share my insights on the Dwarves of Tolkien and take a much closer and a more direct approach with our fantastic community is Twitch.

I had a friend send me your insult list, when I was having trouble downloading the dictionary, I got it downloaded this morning.

It may be significant that khuzduo the other attested plurals contain a long vowel: As for the 9 miscellaneous types, they are usually not bound to one word function. I am sure my pronunciation is horrid. June 5, at 7: CeCaC kuuzdul related to hand tools or instruments.


The links have been corrected Like Like.

The Dwarrow Scholar — All Neo-Khuzdul Dictionaries and Documents can be

December 6, at 8: Well met, No problem whatsoever, most welcome to barge in my friend. Seeing it quite a large poem, and not a priority at this moment, it will take a while still to finish it.

It seems that it was widely khuzcul as the proverbial “difficult language”, like many Westerners think of Chinese today.

I was wondering if i might ask you a few clarification dictionady about the Cirth writing system sespecially concerning the Erebor mode. We have a few adjectives: When wanting to say “greatest builder”, how do I reflect it is not greatest house, since the forms would be identical, if I’m not wrong?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

So, sadly in my opinion using Old Norse on inscriptions for dwarves is understandable, but a bit strange, as it was merely a language used in the books to render the language of the Northmen, which the dwarves used for their outer names. April 26, at Its closing itself when I dont enter one so thats not an option for me or I wouldnt have written a comment xD Like Like.

On the topic of Neo-Khuzdul. I would appreciate the help. I want to stay true to lore so I have a few questions. This example indicates that Khuzdul verbs cannot always be distinguished from other parts of speech by their form alone.


Documents & Dictionaries

There were at least two aspirated stops, kh and ththat is, k and t followed by h. Using older khuzdjl of the dictionaries. Hi, love the effort that has gone into this, it really is amazing! Is there a website or chat group or something that I can practice with? Well met Anon the last ever Anon in my queue in factWhat a fantastic project, happy to help. December 18, at 7: February 20, at 8: December 2, at 7: It was merely a rendering in the books that represented the language khuzduo the Northmen, particularly those of Dale.

The word Mazarbulas in “the chamber of Mazarbul” Chamber of Recordskhuzdu, to represent some more complex dlctionary. April 9, at I just have a question when it comes to the word sister though. Would dwarves have had LGBT members in their society? Edelweiss in the Alps As for the second and third part of your ask, I would translate these lines as: Although I might just print it. So this is gonna’ be a weird one, but here it is: The Excel sheet is very slow for the same reason.

This downloads only to dropbox. One theory is that they felt that Khuzdul belonged exclusively to their own race, and that no others had any right to understand it. Only four verbs are attested: So, to clarify what we are talking about here.