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Find great deals for Kenwood TS S Radio Transceiver. Shop with confidence on eBay!. KENWOOD. Downloaded by. SERVICE MANUAL. ‘ -‘ ‘ ‘ ‘. Model TSS. VFO SP PS AT TSV. INCLUDES. Hey fellow hams! I just acquired a kenwood tss transciever. Cosmetically it looks in pretty good shape, the previous owner said it worked.

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Disadvantage is no WARC bands, but otherwise nice to have in the shack as a backup. No menus, no fartarsing kenwoo, just plain good radio.

Kenwood TS 120S Radio Transceiver

Here is an update: The new one got the position of honor in the shack due to it’s CW filter and the forty dollar one became a shop radio, So I still had no spare and now had two obsolete rigs in use. The bandswitch shaft coupler on those TS’s have a tendency to work loose and become mis-aligned. Solid state, vintage. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be fantastic.

Warm, easy to listen to received audio Extremely simple to use, you literally don’t need a manual Every function is ‘first layer’– no menus and submenus watts out up through 15 meter band RF gain control does help to a degree, IF shift does work well for adjacent signals or QSB, noise blanker works for ignition noise and some powerline noise Cons: It works fine in a car until you shut the engine off, then it gets ts120w and will kill the battery real quick.

I wanted a budget-priced solid-state rig to run mobile, as setting knewood a base station just isn’t possible for me right now and my Heathkit HW is just too big to run mobile in jenwood modern vehicle not to mention power requirements The rig, all removed PCBAs, the work surface, and the worker should all be maintained at the same electric kenwoid preferably ground.


Your product goes directly to your house in any part of world. That is about it. Kewnood it is so basic and old at this point calling it “perfect” is a bit of an exaggeration. My antenna system is the kenwwood link right now but I have no trouble making contacts within the lower 48 states on 20m and consistently receive good signal reports.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Other Ham Radio Equipment. Excellent qualityf and price for my need. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. It looks like it was already serviced at some point prior to me owning it, and I do not see any suspect solder joints, it looks like anything that would pass as suspicious has already been touched up.

I’ve never in over five years needed a part I cannot find. Register for a free QRZ account. A regulated power supply offers the ability to keep your device powered always. I have an Icom IC as my main base rig. All work should be performed in a static-safe environment. Of course it doesn’t have the WARC bands, dsp, scanning or any bells and whistles. I like it so much I want to give it a 5.

W7UUUJul 18, Now to fix the TX. The lack of break in keying on CW for one. The only cure is to closely inspect and then, resolder suspected solder joints.

It,is 35 years old, for crying out loud! N7EKUJul 18, You also can create a wider listening space by installing several speakers throughout an area. No frills, no real options, basic capabilities, talk and CW. A built-in IF SHIFT system offers the ability to shift between passbands, delivering the ability to bypass adjacent channel interference.

Kenwood TS-120S Repair – please help!!!

Whether seeking a transceiver for field operations or for taking on the go, the Kenwood TSS meets all of your needs. It looked like it had been worked on by someone whose soldering iron was a lot bigger than his brain. It had a crack in one of it’s cards, poor RX and no TX at all. I prefer these rigs mainly for their excellent audio and ease of repair.


An external speaker gives you the capability to listening to the sound waves streaming from the transceiver anywhere within the room. Thanks for the advice mark. Save on Ham Radio Transceivers Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

I was tapping boards with the radio on, and noticed that the board underneath on the left side Rf board I believe responded. This rig is great for everyday use as long as it is kept up. You may also like. A clear operating frequency is viewable on the built-in digital display. Tecsun S Radio Kewnood 9.

A wide range of optional accessories combined with its easy-to-use format make the Kenwood TSS receiver a perfect choice for those that want a no-frills radio they can depend on.



This is my first HF radio, and I am keen to get it working, however I have no prior experience repairing radios, but I am electronically savvy. See all 2 pre-owned listings. I just bought my,third Ts in nearlt 50 years, though this is my;first S model. I just acquired a kenwood tss transciever. Enjoy the ability to eliminate any interference from adjacent channels with the IF shift system.

A balanced gate noise blanker fades out background sounds and disruptive noises so a clearer audio sound is conveyed.