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Buy Uma Teoria de Tudo (Em Portuguese do Brasil) by Ken Wilber (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery. An overviews of all foreign translations of the work of Ken Wilber. Uma Teoria de Tudo. Integral Psychology, Psicologia Integral. Boomeritis, Uma Teoria De Tudo Ken Wilber. 2 likes. Book. Uma Teoria De Tudo Ken Wilber. Privacy · Terms. About. Uma Teoria De Tudo Ken Wilber. Book. 2 people like.

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Indeed, I enjoy all the shades of grey. A career driven, super-consumer Orange? My path has found regression just an effective means towards the next step. His prose is not as jargony and seemingly willfully undecipherable as it is in other of wiber works, but this still reads to me like a graduate school summary of thought without citing all the sources, I might add.

A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science & Spirituality

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Mystics simply tuddo on the basis of personal experience that there is likely to exist another level or levels of consciousness beyond that of the five senses. Ken Wilber does a good job of quickly explaining ideas and categorizing other’s ideas. However as much as both sides, including Ken Wilber, would like to keep it that way, the march of scientific knowledge takes us ever forward toward a world view that challenges our most basic assumptions about the nature of human reality.

Sikap optimis merupakan sebuah energi yang kuat untuk memicu ke arah positif atau kemajuan yang pesat. Well, for that you have to read Wilber’s book for its something so obvious yet complex to explain. Visualizar ou modificar seus pedidos em sua conta. Begins to lift the veil to expose the underlying mysteries of reality, but it is merely an appetizer. En zo integreert Tdo sociologie uuma antropologie. The assumption that Wilber builds his theory upon- a “Great Chain of Being and Knowing- from matter to body to mind to soul to spirit”- in his own terms, holarchy, is a good one, but I thought Wilber did at best an incomplete job of dee the extraordinary aspirations of this title.


Or have you, like most folks who find themselves dde around on a booklovers social network, evolved beyond merely Green, but on to a higher, transpersonal color level?

Ken Wilber Religion books online | Free Shipping | FineReads

Interesting read, but don’t expect any amazing revelations of true spiritual conversion by any of these scientists. Apr 04, B. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Even more disconcerting are recent experiments which seem to imply that actions in the present as we perceive it can actually alter events that have already been recorded in the past. The author moves towards a direction that I simply do not possess. Nov 10, lallyiam added it.

Al met al vind ik het een dappere poging tot het wilbrr van traditionele grenzen binnen denken en bewustzijn, en tussen verschillende contexten waarin dat bewustzijn zich bevindt academisch, spiritueel, westers, oosters. A Theory of Everything: However troubling such findings may be to our everyday conception of ‘reality’, they merely confirm Max Plank’s famous statement that “those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it.

Wilber’s approach, which draws heavily tepria a field called Spiral Dynamics, offers a uniquely sensible framework in which to understand the seemingly disjointed myriad of systems of thought that have developed throughout history the key word being “developed,” considering Wilber’s focus on the concept of evolution.

At best, he is testing out some new conceptual frameworks upon others could build smaller, more testable theories. It covers a broad territory referring to other works most notably his own for more substantive and detailed information; this is my one complaint. I’m guessing one has to include many of his books to get to the seminal-work stage. This was a very good book, and I give it high marks.

Ken Wilber – Határok nélkül

He then demonstrates how these theories and models can be applied to real-world problems in Here is a wilger, comprehensive overview of Wilber’s revolutionary thought and its application in today’s world.


I think that this often makes him more of a sales person for his utdo, rather than an actual argumentative author. Having satisfied this litmus test, I read on with speed and great attention.

How far have we come since Osama bin Laden attacked America? More generally, Integral Theory itself represents a basic conceptual platform on which to formulate and propose other complex frameworks, or multidimensional maps, of human thought and behavior–and understood in this way, Wilber’s proposed map is just one of potentially many.

Too few books cause that. Jun 23, Kelly rated it did not like it. That is often we don’t get the full picture of a theory, but Ken Wilber’s intention has never been to do so.

For one, he got me thinking about how Integral Thinkers might possibly interface with the rest of the spiral in proactive, healthy, constructive ways–after all, we can’t just give copies of A Theory of Everything to blues and greens and expect that to solve everything. Sebuah pandangan yang mengingatkan kita pada ide bangsa Yunani kuno tentang Kosmos, yakni keseluruhan eksistensi yang mencakup alam fisik, ruh, pikiran, dan jiwa.

Or have you, like most folks who find teotia nerding around on a booklovers social network, evolved beyond merel Ken Wilber is an amazing thinker. The deeper significance of this book is that it shows all scientists and those who someday will be scientists that being a mystic is okay. As an introduction to the basic platform of Integral Theory, “A Theory of Everything” is outstanding, having much to offer to anyone who actively and passionately seeks to understand the reality in which they live.

Hal ini dikarenakan, penyakit bukan sekadar terkait dengan keadaan fisik, namun juga mental dan spiritual, sehingga pen Sikap optimis merupakan sebuah energi yang kuat untuk memicu ke arah positif atau kemajuan yang pesat.

Mar 29, Murray Brown rated it liked it.