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At the end of the game the number of points you score will depend upon how far Place the figures on the board, on the large stone (the starting space) at the. “Because those are the rules! I prefer Keltis over Lost Cities: The Board Game simply because I think that Keltis is a better looking game. Keltis is a board game designed by Reiner Knizia that won the Spiel des Jahres for best game of the year in In the US, it has been marketed as Lost Cities: The Board Game, though there are some subtle rules differences.

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I owe a debt of gratitude to Reiner Knizia rrules agreeing to be interviewed for this article. The Board Gamewhich was almost the same game, but slightly different.

Keltis Card – Rules of the card game

Only a second end card can be laid on it. Scoring equals the sum of path points with the tall player marker being worth doubleplus the sum of points from path tiles, plus the sum of points for wishing stones. Both games were published by Kosmosbut Keltis earned long neglected Knizia a Spiel des Jahres in You can easily finish rues game of Keltis in less than an hour. The Board Game, which was a multi-player version of Lost Cities.

Looking for this game? You can play a card in two ways: I prefer Keltis over Lost Cities: Keltis has a slightly retro feel to it – in the last few years we’ve seen several games come out that are highly interactive.


Knizia told me it felt great to finally win the award. Keltis has not been released in English. They also wanted to shorten the game from three rounds which is still present in Lost Cities: TBG and want to pick up a copy of Keltis.

Be silent ye shaven donkey! Next Post Games to play on St. November 23, at 3: Created by prolific designer, Reiner KniziaKeltis is essentially an expansion of the mechanisms utilized in his classic two-player game, Lost Cities.

Each player records progress using tokens. I think it’s a fine game, but perhaps try before you buy. Later, with Keltis Wurfelspeil Knizia added dice rolling to the series. This seems a perfect length for a game of this depth. Thanks for the time you took writing this. How to play a card? I’ll admit up front, I didn’t engage with the theme here – I’m not transported off to Avebury playing this game. It is also an ideal game to play with non-gamer friends.

Keltis is played with cards, 2 cards each of 5 colors numbered from 0 to Players may choose to advance their tokens along five paths of ketlis stones, one path for each suit, by playing cards in an ascending or descending sequence. Keltis is a boardgame designed by Reiner Knizia. I found a used copy online for a reasonable price.

Keltis is a board game designed by Reiner Knizia that won the Spiel des Jahres for best game of the year in The Board Gamethough there are some subtle rules keltiz. Ratings from the Opinionated Gamers I love it! I played Lost Cities: This problem tended to be more noticeable under artificial lighting.

The illustration initially resembles half a spoked wheel. By the end of the day, I hope to have my very own copy of Keltis.


Notify me of new comments via email. Players have to manage their hand of cards in such a way to gain the most benefit from the paths they choose and the tokens they ggame.

The latter adds a significant luck factor and restricts choice by forcing the players to build from low to high cards, rather than allow building in either order as Keltis does. TBG before I ever played Keltis.

Keltis is a quick game – we whipped through two player games in 20 minutes – almost filler category. Along the way, ye may choose mystic tokens from the dark stones, which will help ye along yer way. November 24, at 3: Dangerous words, ryles it rarely backfires.

SdJ Re-Reviews # Keltis | The Opinionated Gamers

Keltis itself spawned numerous other games, including another card game Keltis: Also, I owe much credit to W. Sure, this reduces some of the tension in the game and reduces the use of the discard pilebut it also reduces the chance that a player is disadvantaged by their starting hand. I just love all the reviews recently from everyone at Opinionated Gamers! I think it was a mistake to create two games. I didn’t know about Keltis until Rulea stumbled across the Ketlis des Jahres short list forand there it was.

It can also end if the draw deck runs out.