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Language English. Keithley: DMM Instruction Manual. Identifier keithley_DMM__Instruction_Manual. Identifier-ark ark://t8kd5tt7c. Model System DMM Scanner Instruction Manual Contains Operating and Servicing Information KEITH LEY WARRANTY Keithley Instruments, Inc. warrants . Keithley Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Keithley Instruction Manual.

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Turns off autocal rduEihes for faster reading rates.

The trigger status LED flashing decimal point indicates the display update. Assuming that AC gain is to be tested, place the Model in the ACV function, and select a range high enough to measure the expected output voltages.

Keithley 199 Manuals

manuak In other cases, software must be loaded from a diskette and initialized. The instrument places its serial poll byte on the data bus to be read by the controOer. Relay Shield Jumper OdB reference for these functions is IV volts or 1mA amps. Zero will enable, maanual the display will zero with the input signal becoming the zero baseline level. Use uprange or downrange as necessary to toggle the pole mode to the desired status. The front panel filter is enabled when the front panel FITR indicator is on.

Figure shows typical input connections for voltage measurements.

Keithley Manuals

Note that the instrument may be programmed for more than one set of conditions simultaneously. The STO light will then flash to indicate the instrument is waiting for a trigger. Figure shows the location of the IEEE connector on the instrument.


Note that the IDDC error message is briefly displayed when the second statement above is executed. Connect a signal generator and a frequency counter to the input of the amplifier. Select a range consistent with the expected voltage or use maual. To save instrument setup conditions, press NEXT. Note however, that debouncing circuitry will probably be required to avoid a trigger overrun. However, since the instrument cannot make measurements at the selected interval 15msecinterval overrun errors will occur.

Subsequent readings will be the difference between the stored value and the applied signal. After the channel limit has been selected, the instru- ment will return to normal display and begin the scan sequence with channel 1.

Qeared while pro- cessing a reading. Connect the Model to the load of the amplifier. This effect can be demonstrated by touching the circuit, by placing a heat source near the circuit or by a regular pattern of instability cor- responding to heating and air-conditioning keirhley or changes in sunlight.

Programming Example— To place the instrument in the Gl mode and obtain a reading, enter the following statements into the keyboard: Advance to the scan mode display by pressing NEXT, then select the scan 19 with the following display: For example, if the current address is 26, the following message will be displayed: When the B1 keityley is sent, subsequent readings will be taken from consecutive buf- fer locations beginning with the first memory location To modify the address, key in a new value with the numeric data buttons.

For scanner installation procedures, refer to Section 6. Its purpose is to direct the Model to execute other device-dependent commands such as F function or R range.


Press NEXT to exit the scanner setup mode. Therefore, if there is AC interference, the mmanual should be shielded with the shield connected to the Model input LO particularly for low-Ievel sources.

To trigger the instrument, apply a pulse to the external trigger input. Likewise, all scanner inputs must be made with low- thermal cables.

Values in parentheses are for 50Hz operation. Until you become more familiar with keirhley instrument, it is recommended that you leave the address at this value because the pro- gramming examples in this manual assume the instrument is programmed for that address.

These overrun triffiers will not affect the instru- ment except to generate the message below.

If we app- ly the 1. Exercise extreme safety when testing high energy power circuits AC line or mains, etc. You can exit the recall mode by pressing NEXT while scanned data is displayed. A third function of this key is to enter the number manuaal for numeric input operations. Range command parameters and the respective ranges leithley each measuring function are sum- marized in Table No mode changes will occur with this example because no other commands were sent.