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L O D = Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation . KAHRAMAA hereby certifies that the WORK under the said CONTRACT has been. State of Qatar Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” Regulations for the Installation of Electrical Wiring, Electrical EquipmentAnd Air. Any deviation to this regulation to be noticed to the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” by the contractor or consultant. These.

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The guidelines that must be considered while designing the plumbing system for new and addition to existing buildings by all consultants, customers and developers, are as follow: A house connection is defined as the connection from a development comprising domestic, commercial, industrial, institutional premises, etc to transfer foul flows to the public sewerage system.

This book is dedicated to facilitate KAHRAMAA communications with regulationss consultants, contractors, and customers with regard to internal water installations. Means the capacity of the cistern or tank measured to the highest level that water can reach when the float valve or other approved device for controlling the inflow of water fitted. For underground installation, stop valve shall be made of gunmetal BS crutch head with gunmetal ended compression couplings to fit MDPE pipe both sides for all size range from 20 mm up to 63 mm.

Box N.

Regulations of Internal Water Installations and Connection Works

Another stop valve shall be provided just before customer ground tank for maintenance and service performance. Swimming Pool Plant Room: Keep on trying to make the procedure of granting permits easier and faster, and improving the performance of the representatives of different agencies involved in the complex. The applicant in this stage exposed to these obligations for implementation of the project.

Means any tank other than a flushing cistern having a free water surface under atmospheric pressure, but does not include a drinking trough or drinking bowl for animals including poultry. The inlet shall be male taper thread to BS The pump set must have sufficient head as mentioned in the approved drawings; the pump upstream kahramqa pipe must be minimum mm.


These clauses shall be tegulations in continuation with Section 7. It is preferable to specify renewable energy source like solar energy for plumbing applications, such as, solar water heater. Means the mechanical room containing filtration, chlorine dosing pumps used for water circulation process, which carried out through the surge or balance tank serving such swimming pool. Means constructed void underground to accommodate electronic sensor connected to the GRP bulk meter cabinet by 2 inches conducts for the sensor cord to the EDU Electronic Display Unit.

Sample 3 Test regulatins for CEE Means meter device allocated for measuring consumption for allocated group of premises on specific distribution network or tanks serving particular area. Considerable amount of energy is consumed to deliver and treat the water we are using every day.

Means those individual meters down stream of the main meter or sub main through which conveyed water to flats or villa in building or complex. In case of a design change or make additions or amendment to the design, New NOC application has to be submitted to Qatar Rail. Means any pipe Other Than an Overflow or a Flushing Pipe conveying water from storage cistern, hot water apparatus supplied by a feed cistern or under pressure from that cistern.

Study permit applications small additions and Permit. These standards have a set of specification for the materials usage. Materials shall be cleaned from any foreign matter regulationx during transport. Pressure rating in bar. In case of swimming pool a relevant filtration, dosing and circulation plant arrangement needed, see figure CSD – CSI – 09 – The upstream supply points for the entire group should have appropriate ball valve or gate valve for abnormal cases.


From customer side, the following requirements shall be satisfied before giving a MDPE service connection: For every house connection, a terminal manhole Manhole Number 1 — MH1in accordance with the Standard Drawings, should be provided and should be positioned as shown on 3.

Copy of commercial registration with activity approved by SSD.

Road and Drainage Networks Design Dept: Gaskets to be supplied with fittings in this section must be suitable for use with potable water.

In designing plumbing systems, utilize new techniques and options that jahramaa lead to maximum water efficiency. Study temporary license applications and issuing Permit.

Regulations of Internal Water Installations and Connection Works

The regulations presented in this document form part regupations the requirements for water services connection and installation. Is my electricity meter single phase or three phase? Means the water system that includes the distributing pipe and all associated apparatus within premises up to qatat point where water been drawn for customer use.

The terminal manhole should normally have maximum depth 1. Applicants Property Owners intending to install plumbing systems must ensure that the systems comply with the requirements of this regulations. The capacity of those tanks must kanramaa sufficient for the building’s flats ultimate demand of 48 Hours storage capacity. Full proposed design details including; Architectural, Location plan, Structural plans, Sections and Elevations with QND 95 levels noted on all drawing, including the loading design and foundation details.

Study destruction permit applications and issuing Permit.

For any plumbing installation, the applicant Property Owner uses an Approved Water Installation Plumber in order to meet the requirements of this regulation.