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Jurji Zaidan was one of the leading thinkers of the Arab h his historical novels, his widely read journal, al-Hilal, which is stillpublished t. Tree of Pearls, Queen of Egypt by Jurji Zaydan, Translated from the Arabic by Samah Selim, BUY DIRECT from Syracuse University Press. By writing historical novels, Jurji Zaidan wanted to provide the common Arabic people with an accurate sense of their own history in an.

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But, after the defeat, Arab scholars began to re-examine many things.

Zaydan’s secular take on history was particularly controversial in Tarikh al-Tamaddun al-Islam The History of the Zqydan Civilization, —in which he offers a critical secular reading of Islamic history in at least five volumes. Jesus, born a Jew, spent his days in the region now known as Israel. It is set in Spain immediately prior to and during the Arab conquest which resulted in an Arab presence that was to last almost eight centuries.

However, he maintained a desire to educate himself by attending night classes in English until, inat the age of 20, he was admitted to the Syrian Protestant College as a medical student.

Zaydan was among those who left Syria for Cairo, where many Zqydan intellectuals and members of the Nahda had already relocated as a reaction to increased Ottoman suppression. Interfaith initiatives from Morocco to Jerusalem Dialogue by design. This allows him control of the project, he said.

Jurji Zaydan

It is set in France at the beginning of the eighth century and describes the Arab invasion of France and how the Franks, under the leadership of Charles Martel, united to stop their advance in Europe.

The aim of the Jurji Zaidan Program is to: But now, in the last two years, six English translations have appeared. He was dismissed before beginning in response to significant outcry from the Muslim public, who objected to his Christian origins and secular leanings.


His mother wanted Jurji to return to his studies, but, according to an unpublished autobiography, Jurji’s father said that more education would turn his son “into some westernized dandy…who eats only with fork and knife — and perhaps it will occur to him to wear Frankish clothes.

Because he would present all character traits and personalities within the first mention of each character, character development was never present. He established his rule over Egypt and Syria and founded the Ayyubid dynasty. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Macmillan Reference USA, Since then, interest in Zaidan’s work has been building.

Social media and networks. Nonetheless, the plots are so fun that it is surprising they have not been more widely translated. Whatever the reason, Zaidan worked instead as a journalist and founded Cairo’s Dar al-Hilal magazine, in which he elaborated on his reformist ideas and serialized his novels. Newest Most Read Most Comments. In The Caliph’s Heirs, the novel I translated, practically all the historical claims are wrong or misleading. Inthe newly opened Egyptian University offered Zaydan a professorship in Islamic History, which Zaydan accepted only ruluctantly because of his unpopularity amongst conservative Muslims.

Lewis was fired from the Syrian Protestant College for lightly praising Charles Darwin in a speech that he made to students of the college. In the footsteps of Jesus Jesus, born a Jew, spent his days in the region now known as Israel.

Though his novels did not follow a logical timeline, they were all centered on some aspect of Islamic history. Many thanks for the article!

International Journal of Middle East Studies. Leaving behind a legacy that includes 23 published novels, numerous scholarly works, and a magazine then circulated in Persia, India, Japan, Western Africa, Zanzibar, Australia, New Zealand, the West Indies, and North and South America, he was one of the most prolific and renowned Arab writers of the time. Moreover, “Western scholarship was more in search of social realism than in rehashing history.

The magazine was concerned primarily covering modern scientific advancements, the first to do so in the Arab world, and it was known particularly known for its controversial coverage of the theory of evolution and Darwinism in the early s. Finally, he would dream up characters and a romance through which he would relate the history. View other series books on Middle East Literature in Translation 6 x 9, pages. Retrieved from ” https: Most Recent Photo Essay.


Zaidan Foundation Program Advisory Council The Zaidan Foundation Program Jurji Zaidan was a prolific and famous Christian Arab historian, linguist and journalist who wrote widely on social and cultural issues. The Translation Into English of Historical Novels Jurji Zaidan wrote twenty-two historical novels between and more than one hundred of which were translated into nine different languages but none into English.

Zaidan and Thomas Philipp was published by the Foundation in By writing historical novels, Jurji Zaidan wanted to provide the common Arabic people with an accurate sense of their own history in an accessible, entertaining way.

Leave this field blank. Gale Virtual Reference Library.

The Zaidan Foundation

Islam in Germany Some Muslims do indeed celebrate Christmas. However, when academics began to shape the story of the Arabic novel, Zaidan’s works were brushed aside as unimportant.

Her narrative is one element of a much larger story of the unsettled political climate of thirteenth-century Egypt.

Historical accuracy Many thanks for the article! Primary Documents” Pioneering volume or seminal work? He began publishing his most influential project, the magazine Al-Hilal The Crescent in But in his eventual pursuit of an Arab nahda, or cultural renaissance, Zaidan melded Arab and European ideas.

InProfessor Saydan. The volume consists of three parts.

Zaidan set immediately about a scheme to bring some of the novels into English.