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I just finished reading Conversational Intelligence by Judith E. Glaser, a booster shot-of-a-book for your social IQ, and one that draws. Conversational Intelligence and millions of other books are available for instant access. . Author Judith Glaser presents a framework for knowing what kind of. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Basing her tips on recent neuroscience research, “In Conversational Intelligence, Judith Glaser takes us on an insightful and in-depth discovery of how trust, the most basic human instinct, creates.

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Rituals hold all cultures together because they are sticky; they create cultural norms.

Why you need Conversational Intelligence

Conversational Intelligence is the intelligence hardwired into every human being to enable us to navigate successfully with others. Overcoming the addiction to being right When we feel strongly that our point of view is right, our brain focuses on looking for evidence. I listened as an audio book from the library and no PDFs were provided.

This email address is being protected intrlligence spambots. Purchase the book on:.

It even made me question some interactions I have been faced conversatonal and whether the approach I have chosen was best suited for the given situation! It bored me sometimes so so much intellkgence I definitely consider the main framework of 3 levels of conversations as helpful. Want to Read intrlligence. They are rarely neutral. For those working in education, the book is a great working model for dealing with the incessant changes in policy, curriculum, tech-integration, staffing and more.

Conversational Intelligence translates the wealth of new insights coming out of neuroscience from acro The key to success in life and business is to become a master at Conversational Intelligence. Understanding how to access the right dimension for a situation is the art of conversations.


It transforms a team of leaders in seconds. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Articles & Publications

Order a copy of Conversational Intelligence today from your favorite bookstore by clicking a logo below:. Helpful, but poorly executed.

People are more candid, more trusting and more open to influence. The work would benefit from suggestions of what to do when the offered advises and exercises do not bring a desired result.

Take it to the next level Are you a coach looking to learn more about Conversational Intelligence? When you start with the basics and build on a strong foundation, your C-IQ skills improve and create a culture of trust.

The case studies are good and show some of the stumbling blocks conversatonal anyone using these techniques would have to overcome and to some extent how.

Conversational Intelligence

There is a n awful lot of name dropping here which is a bit superfluous for my liking but Judith maybe using it to add credibility, something she hardly needs to do given her experience. The signal can be a word, number or symbol that everyone knows and applies on the field. They often fail to convegsational and acknowledge the negative impact this has on culture.

With full confidence and some research in how human brains work, Glaser offers in her book an outlook into what she calls conversational intelligence. Multiple dimensions of conversations Conversations are not just a one-dimensional sharing of information; they are multi-dimensional. We can create a culture of trust using conversational intelligence skills.

Judith Glaser has dedicated her life to writing this book. Open Preview See a Problem?

Take it to the next level

I don’t think she was trying to subtly advertise, I think she just didn’t know how to present the book in a way that came off as authentic. May 15, Sonia rated it it was amazing. After studying cultures for three decades, I discovered that great leaders, great cultures and great brands share something in common: As a result, the work they do together elevates results to heights never before achieved. Overall, I found this book a reasonable review, and I found the author’s voice and choice of examples were good, albeit repetitive at times.


This is a good book for the business shelf, and can help in other areas of life, of course. This book gave practical ways to transform an organization’s culture to one of trust, joy, and excellence. It wasn’t quite a book on conversation skills, nor trust, nor emotional intelligence, nor brain chemistry; but it touched on each of those at different times as if that’s all there is to conversational intelligence.

The neuroscience underneath conversations may be an intriguing “what” but it is not a particularly compelling why. Nov 01, Jenny rated it liked it. My life long goal is to help you as leaders, or a future leader, to build a whole new sensitivity for the words you use and the conversations you have with others.

More story based but lacking depth around the principles and ideas discussed. Excellent for understanding the why the neuroscience behind why things go well and not so well when communicating with others.


But for me it did not tread new ground, and the added science seemed more for show. The references to neuroscience, although trendy, are not really necessary for the actual material or the fantastic exercises Judith details in the book. This email address is being protected from spambots.