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Pantech Solutions. Online Retail store for Trainer Kits,Lab equipment’s,Electronic components,Sensors and open source hardware. This process is to assist in the repair of your Pantec receiver. There are 2 We need to Build a JTAG cable and we need to modify the receiver. To modify the. have performed the JTAG operation on my Pansat A using both Skymax and jKeys .. The first thing to do here is figure out if you have a PanTec MX or MS.

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Which jtag is best for pantec mx

Review the Application Code Step 8: Also make sure that you can place the board inside the box and put the lid on. Make sure you get a similar screen. Review panyec Application Code Step The easiest was to make the cable is to take a serial pabtec through cable and cut it about 3 feet from the male connector end.

Note the IRD number is the order in the list You will have to off set the fan to clear the caps. The air will quickly cool the board and help minimize trace burning. Review the Application Code Step 9: This is for the MS. If you don’t see Macrx in the IRD model window. Press gently to make sure the tape adheres to both sides. Panhec ground on both is the Black apntec closest to it. Refer to the reference chart above to make sure.

  ASTM D5379 PDF

Gently remove the receiver board from the case. Analog Sensor Conditioning Additional content planned Now confirm all connections and make sure you haven’t left anything inside the unit that could short. The next stage is powering the fan.

Make sure the unit is unplugged, remove the power connector plug from the receiver board. Pin Jyag Step 2: When your satisfied that the parts are in the right spot, Push the leds into their appropriate holes in the case. There is no standard JTAG connector or pinout, so suppliers are able to define their own.

Repeat the last step. The cathode of the LED to the anode of the 1N Click jtzg pull down tab and select it.

Add Existing Items From Folders In the programming window you will use pantce Erase. Make the wires as short as possible and keep them organized.

The comctrl32 used in XP may effect the operation of the VB scripting. The traces will lift and or melt if heated too much.


You can figure out with your iron exactly how long it takes to melt the solder but try and not take too long. Configure drivers for the application Step 3: If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it.

Pantec FTA Files & Pantec FTA KEYS

Follow these steps and you can use it again. Again don’t be worried or surprised if the bin doesn’t load or the file errors, wait for jtay reboot A solder tab is not soldered with out the part in this style of manufacture, therefore I believe that the part was accidentally omitted. Use the procedure for the MX as a guide to do this procedure.