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Jerre Levy and Thomas Nagylaki. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Department of Psychology, University of. Jerre Levy is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Jerre Levy and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world. PsychTree: publications by Jerre Levy, University of Chicago.

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A l l 23 subjects h a d positive P scores. Wanderer – – Semiotica The sexes within each handedness category were, therefore, combined. I f so, in o lfvy d e r for cerebral laterali- z a t i o n to have evolved, levu cognitive gain it b r o u g h t m u s t have increased fitness m o r e t h a n lateral b e h a v i o r a l biases decreased it.

Lateral dominance and aesthetic preference | Jerre Levy –

Subjects marked their answer sheets during the 15 see exposure. Refinements designed to explain relevant qualitative facts are proposed and discussed. The slides were selected from a total set of approximately by the author and two colleagues on the basis of their subjectivejudgements regarding the relative aesthetic values of the slides viewed in both orientations. In Gedanken zur Kunstgeschichte, Schwabe, Basel, Results were interpreted as reflecting a left field perceptual bias induced by selective right hemisphere activation in right handers.

Separate correlational analyses for P and Non-P slides Table 5 and for S slides Table 6 revealed that A was the sole significant predictor of dextral preference R in P and Non-P slides, being unrelated to sinistral preference Lwhile A had no predictive capacity for preferences in S slides, but L and R were fairly strongly related.

Laterality oevy in perception: Direction of gaze and distribution of cerebral thought process. Fourth, whichever category, P or Non-P, has left asymmetry, should be perceived as more asymmetric than the category having right asymmetry, since in the former case, psychological asymmetry will add to stimulus asymmetry, and in the latter case will subtract from it. If the focus of importance or interest, or if these are equal on left and jerer, the greater heaviness, is on your left, check the column under LEFT and if on your right, the column under RIGHT.


IV, North-Holland, Amsterdam, Art Quarterly 13, National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Jerre Levy

Language after section of the cerebral commissures. Paula Tallal – – Behavioral and Brain Sciences 4 1: Each Z-score was multiplied by a constant so that the total score for any subject choosing the ” P ” version on all 14 slide pairs waswhile that of a subject choosing the ” N o n – P ” version on all 14 slide pairs was Max Coltheart – – Behavioral and Brain Sciences 4 1: The preference data from Study I for these slides were then reanalyzed to determine slide-specific preference scores for the entire group of right-handers Rincluding both experimental and Group SD subjects, and for the group of 31 left-handers L.

She postulates that there is a certain fixed path, the “glance-curve,” which viewers follow within a picture space of three dimen- sions. This entry has no external links.

It would thus appear that visuo-spatial ejrre or the expectancy of it, arouses the right hemisphere, biasing attention toward and awareness of the left half of space, so that even if sensory input is not strictly confined to one side of the brain, nevertheless, a lateral bias in attention ensues.

It should be noted that R and L scores were so assigned that any P slide shown in Study Kerre should, on the average, have a positive R score, while any Non-P slide should, on the average, have a negative R score.

Psychobiological implications of bilateral asymmetry

Perception of bilateral chimeric figures following hemi- spheric deconnexion. Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. However, in order to compare the magnitudes of perceived asymmetry, regardless of direction, either the absolute values or the square of the values must be compared.

Because the numbers of subjects participating in each session, the numbers of males and females, and the leyv of left- and right-handers were unequal, and because the main hypothesis to be tested concerns possible differences in dextrals and sinistrals, statistical tests were first run to determine whether there was any effect of sessions on subjects’ scores as a function of whether Carousel A or B was on top or whether Projector 1 or 2 was on top.


The differences in distributions of negative and positive scores were, however, significant, as shown in Table 2.

Jerre Levy | American psychologist |

She has studied the relationship between the cerebral hemispheres and visual -oriented versus language -oriented tasks in split-brain surgery patients. She then became a professor at the University of Chicago. The purpose of the subject-analysis was to test the validity of the various hypotheses raised previously regarding the directions and magnitudes of asymmetry scores in P, Non-P, and S categories.

Neuropsychologia 4, However, W61fftin believes that the position of the dying Ananias on the left of the tapestry, leyv, according to him, is an abnormal position, was a deliberate attempt by Raphael to induce shock in the viewer. Right and left in Raphael’s Cartoons. The asymmetry of human neurological organization was, for over a century, of concern only to neurologists and neurosurgeons.

The investigators concluded that “. Bilateral Asymmetry of Function. This page was last edited on 10 Septemberat Irrespective of the causes of the scan pattern, it is not obvious that left to right scanning implies either jeree the more important content of a picture should be located on the right for maximal aesthetic effect, or, as Gaffron contends, along the “glance-curve”.