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Loudspeaker Cabinet. Loudspeaker Cabinet. Brand. JBL. Category. Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered. 0 Available. Temporarily Out Of Stock. $: for sale 16 pcs jbl a In good condution still original component. Speakers (foreign companies). Shop: Osu shop. Arrival: JBL 画像. Used. Consigned. Hold. Reserved. Sold Out. HiFiDo Home.

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JBL 4755 4770 Sr4732 61435 Factory Part 16 Ohm Horn Driver Diaphragm D16r2445

Shipping charges will appear for those items. I don’t want to go active yet as the only x-over I 7470 is the Rane AC, I hate to mix solid state with my all tube system. Does anybody know how it is fixed? A restocking fee may apply. USA and International government regulations prohibit such behavior. We will cover the cost of return shipping if warranty claim is valid.

JBL SR Factory Part 16 Ohm Horn Driver Diaphragm D16R | eBay

Again, my sincere thanks. I agree – the diaphragms look good. See our FAQ page for other frequently asked questions.

What jb, I do if my shims do not fit inside the magnet of the speaker I am reconing? Shall I pull the horn; or shall I make a hole in the back of the box and rather push the s? Getting the old glue off was the hardest part of the job and the most consuming.


New speakers in the house, JBL A [Archive] – Lansing Heritage Forums

I’m enjoying them every evening – I’m rediscovering my old records ;- They sound different but I like them. Maybe someone on this forum have k2 for sale?

Ask all questions before placing an order. How do I order a repair kit for it? Our team is eager to find you the correct size needed and arrange for an exchange. I refoamed my 8″ woofers from and the sound is fantastic. If you ordered an item, and it does not fit, please message us. We 470 ship to the confirmed address provided to us from eBay or your PayPal account.

It was also very helpful to see how slowly the adhesive sets up, and to keep turning the speaker and pressing the foam into place until the adhesive holds.

I’ve clean it a bit and I had a look at the diaphragm. Today, we occupy our own stand alone building with over 11, square 4707 dedicated entirely to speaker repair parts and accessories.

Just bought a pair of JBL Hello, This is my first post on this forum. I’m sure you love them: They are solid, and you guys are an example of how something should be done. Just one problem, need a larger room.


JbL speaker model 4770A. 16 pcs

I would like to order some 47700 fabric but I need a size longer than 1 yard 36 x 60 inches. They fit perfectly, and would you believe the glue provided lasted until I finished the second speaker?

One of H has also one corner broken there is a magnet, an Al throat piece and the exterior plastic “baby cheeks” horn – Does anybody know if it is possible to buy just this plastic “baby cheeks” part of the H? A friend of mine have a container i pensylvania going to sweden in october. Thanks again for a most pleasant experience. If it works you will need to test the fuse, bulb or crossover components and repair or replace them as needed.

To speed things up please have your order number ready. I apologize for my not very good English. For few years I’m happy owner of alnico version which I use to listen mainly to Pink Floyd and recently I bought used pair of A – it will be my first restoration project so I’d like to ask some beginner stupid: You should also recone the scratchy