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Download Citation on ResearchGate | Jahangir and the Jesuits: With an account of the Benedict goes and the mission to Pegu | First published in Jahangir and the Jesuits: with an account of the travels of Benedict Goes and the mission to Pegu / from the Relations of Father Fernão Guerreiro ; translated by. Jahangir and the Jesuits, with an account of the travels of Benedict Goes and the mission to Pegu, from the Relations of Father Fernāo Guerreiro, S. J.

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The Fathers decorated the border which surrounded the pidture with ornamental designs in black and white, copied from some of our books and paintings. This the King presented, as a mark of his favour, to one of his great Captains, who, being a Moor, removed the cross. The notes to my translation are also intended to be of a purely supplementary character.

Off the Cape of Good Hope they encountered a severe Storm which ladled twenty days, in the course of which the admiral’s ship, a very large vessel, became separated from the others and was not seen again. This year, their commemoration of our Lord’s Passion included, for the firSt time, a public procession of disciplinants, which took place on Maundy Thurs- day.

If we were to see anyone raise the dead as jahangig as did Jesus Chrift, there is no doubt that we should call him a god. As they deny altogether the passion of our Lord, they greatly resented a large pifture, a copy of a painting of Chrift a coluna, which the King had made at this time.

Full text of “Jahangir And The Jesuits”

But this relief had its drawbacks, for the moifture engendered fleas and other vermin, so that he was tormented worse than before, and he counted himself happy whenever jessuits could crush some of them in his fingers and get rid of them. Now it hap- pened that a daughter of the same Brahman fell sick, and her siller, seeing that she was near to die, began to mourn for her.

Again, if the angels, whose natures are perfeft, and who are endowed with so many natural and supernatural gifts, are not without sin, how much less were the prophets without sin, who were but jahagnir. A band of Christians surrounded him bearing torches and candles, while others followed, some playing on pipes and some jahajgir, as they went in procession to the church.

In the early morning there was another grand procession, headed by a cross adorned with roses and other flowers, and accompanied by musicians with hautboys, which they had learnt to play in Goa, having been sent there for that purpose ; and as these instruments had never been heard or seen in the country before they attracted many people and caused much astonishment.


Many received help in their temporal as well as their spiritual necessities. He importuned them much on account of his age; but the Fathers would not baptise him at once, and he left janangir, full of hope, to go to the lands which the late King had given him.

Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! But while he has so high a regard for ChriSt and the holy Virgin, and for all that appertains to the Christian faith, he is held back by the severe discipline which our law imposes, jesuita more than aught else because it forbids a man to take more than one wift, which is a Stumbling-block not only to the Moors, but to all the Gentiles of the EaSt; indeed it is, as they themselves say, on account of this prohibition that they find our faith so hard to accept.

He treated the Fathers with contempt, deeming him- self to be jssuits than they were in the favour of the King. After this he took every opportunity of showing his gratitude.

All this the boatmen did, whereon the Governor, entering another boat, made his way to the Prince, with whom were his General and one or two others. Messengers had already been sent to every place where it was possible for the Prince to cross the intervening river, with orders that every passage was to be held againSt him; and by the time he reached one of these passages, 14 the King’s message had already been received, and the Captain who governed in those parts was waiting to intercept him.

At the same time, owing to the heat of the sun, the skin began to putrefy, and gave forth such an evil smell that none would go near him. The rite was administered to him in secret, to his great consolation. He allowed the two young Cafres, who, as already mentioned, had been delivered to him, to remain with the Fathers and the Church, and also four pipers who had been sent from Goa. The Moors heard them attentively until they began to confute the law of Mafamede, when they loft all patience, refusing either to liften, or to be drawn into a disputation.

The work was compiled from the annual letters and reports sent to Europe from the various missionary centres. It happened that the firt picture which he showed them was one of David on his knees before the prophet Nathan, who had jut uttered the words, Dominus tranStulit peccatum tuum a te. On page IV.


The Fathers often went on Fridays to the mosques of the Moors, where they discoursed to the Moorish doftors on the teaching and life of Chrift our Lord. As he passed along the route, he turned his head from side to side to regard his viftims, listening to what was told him of each.

And this he felt the more, because, as is the way with those who have been accustomed to, or rather enslaved by worldly honours, he had never in his life dreamt that such misfortune could befall him. As the Fathers were not allowed to enter the prison themselves, they sent one of their servants to minister to the brave Armenian.

Many of those present were moved to compassion to see them, Still bleeding from the circumcision, suffer these cruel Stripes, which, because of the presence and rage of the King, exceeded in severity those ordinarily inflifted on criminals.

Catalog Record: Jahangir and the Jesuits, with an account of | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The Father was warmly welcomed not only in the domains of the Portuguese, but in all parts of Cambaya, both Moors and Gentiles expressing their gratitude to him for coming to restore peace. The Father pointed out to them the depravity of their conduct, and remonstrated with them to such good purpose that the women became Christians, and were married to the Armenians accord- ing to the law of the Church.

The King remained for some months in Cabul. Having thus punished him, he appointed him Governor of Lahor; where he lives in much reduced circumstances.

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Not long afterwards, the ambassador himself fell sick, and the Father was able, by God’s help, to cure him also. But Jahangir, or Prince Salim, as he then was, had his own reasons for the attitude he assumed at this period.

Knowing that this could only be with the connivance of the Merinho Mor, the King, early the next morning, sent for that officer and, after seeing him soundly flogged, caused him to be led with much dishonour through the Greets of the city riding on an ass, A day or two later he again sent for him, and presented him with a horse and a dress as a sign of his restoration to favour, and reinstated jesiits in his office.