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Ixia Tcl. Development Guide. Release Part No. Rev B This guide provides a description of the Ixia’s Tcl Command Library. Contribute to ixiacom/ixnetwork-api-tcl development by creating an account For general language documentation of IxNetwork API see the Low Level API Guide and the IxNetwork API Help. This will require a login to Ixia Support web page. Contribute to andymg/scripts development by creating an account on GitHub. scripts/tcl/dvt_auto_old/manual/scripts docs/Automated Testing IXIA API User.

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Please download to get full document. Invalid AS path parametersbgp4RouteItem cget option Returns the current value of the configuration option given by option. If a new script is to be written, this should be the first line of the script file. Appendix G – Available Statistics.

t Cl Development Guide – [PDF Document]

All materials on our website are shared by users. Explains the basic structure and operation of all of the Tcl Commands.

Appendix D – Miscellaneous Unsupported Commands additional commandsprovided without support.

Packet Format for Sequence Checking. The IxExplorer software provides complete configuration, control, and monitoring of all Ixia resources in the test network, and the Tcl scripts allow the user to rapidly conduct the most popular industry benchmark tests. The user can configure and control the unit directly via guidr connections to a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and printer.

TCl Development Guide – Documents

Front panel displays give immediate indication of link state, transmission or reception of packets, and error conditions. People unfamiliar with developmebt Ixia system should read the Theory of Operation chapter to understand how the hardware functions. UDF4 or IP address control are used to iterate through the count of addresses in the route range; it should guidr be reprogrammed. A single IxServer module exists per chassis. Its purpose is to create a Tcl program which reflects the configuration of a particular port.


Ixia assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this book. An alphabetical set of reference sheets for all of the Tcl Commands.

On the Ixia chassis. There are no more items in the listbgp4RouteItem setDefault Sets default values for all configuration options.

ScriptGen is run from a Wish Console and the resulting program is written to disk and shown in the console window. Tcl scripting allows automation of testing procedures when tens to thousands of ports are involved.

G-2 Receive Mode Selection. The IxExplorer software, for example, uses its copy of IxHAL to hold configuration data until it is transferred to the hardware. Post on Oct views. NuGetter User and Development Guide.

Mobility Shift Assay Development Guide. This value should be set to true only for EBGP. Option may have any of the values accepted by the bgp4Server command. Ixia assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies contained in this publica-tion. Explains the conceptual model behind the Ixia hardware, so that the APIs functions and features can be completely understood.


E-2 Tcl Server on an Ixia Chassis. Depending on technology, up to four ports are packaged on a card, also referred to as a load module.

TCl Development Guide

In the case of Tcl applications, the Tcl Command Library is a set of Tcl commands that are used to configure the traffic generation, capture and statistics parameters on the Ixia hardware platform. If no sub-command is specified, returns a list of all sub-commands available. This guide provides a description of the Ixia’s Tcl Command Library for writing customized Tcl application programs to control the Ixia hardware platform.

F-2 Initial Ixja Server Screen.

Thus, even the most complex systems can be tested thoroughly and cost-effectively. The contents of the item are available in the bgp4ASPathItem command.

Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our free products and services. Working with IxServer, it operates the hardware chassis, cards and ports. Use, duplication, or disclosure by the U. Appendix D – Miscellaneous Unsupported Commands. Change these in the source file as necessary for your scenario. The select sub-command must be used before all other bgp4 commands.

Software Modules used on a Unix Client. The characteristics of the generated streams are: