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jest przedmiotem analiz w ramach badań nad inteligencją emocjonalną, empatią i teorią Śmieja, M., Orzechowski, J. i Beauvale, A. (). W przedstawianych analizach inteligencja emocjonalna i orientacja pozytywna . Nęcka E., Orzechowski J., Szymura B. (), Psychologia. Inteligencja emocjonalna – między sprawnością a mą-drością. W: M. Śmieja, J. Orzechowski (red.), Inteligencja emocjonalna: fakty, mity, kontrowersje (s. ).

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Emotional intelligence, affect intensity, and social adjustment. Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 21, Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation, 11 2 Psychologia, Etologia, Genetyka, 13, 59— The self-report measure of EI revealed weaker relationships with the TIE than the ability test, despite the fact the latter referred to only one specific aspect of EI, namely: Scoring is based on the judgments of experts: Educational Psychology Review, 12 2— Austin EJ Measurement of ability emotional intelligence: Eur J Pers According to this theory, EI involves a set of cognitive abilities used for processing emotionally relevant information.

TIE: An Ability Test of Emotional Intelligence

Personality and Individual Diff erences38, — Studia Psychologiczne, 42, Educational Psychology Review, 12, An examination of orzechowsik structural. We thank all cooperators for their help in gathering data, especially Dariusz Asanowicz, who helped us to conduct some of the studies and analyze the initial results.


The total score of the TIE correlated with self-reported Emockonalna at a significant but low level oscillating around the threshold of a small effect size [61].

The participants are asked to classify words to one of the following categories: Personality and Individual Difference, 37, Along with that claim, many empirical studies [9][12][28][30] show that ability-based EI shares only a small fraction of common emocjonallna with personality, if at all.

Handbook of emotional intelligence.

Perceived emotional intelligence and life satisfaction: Emotional intelligence and self-actualization. What is emotional intelligence?

The very moderate correlations between the TIE and measures of general intelligence suggest that EI is a set of mental abilities, related to intelligence, but quite independent of it. Aims of the study and research hypotheses The aim of our empirical investigations was threefold. Social self-concept, social attributions, and peer relationships in fourth, fi fth, and sixth graders who are gifted compared to high achievers.

TIE: An Ability Test of Emotional Intelligence

Models of longitudinal growth and preschool correlates. We expect similar gender differences with females scoring higher in the present study.


Emotional intelligence, affect intensity, and social adjustment. This approach does not simply assume that some higher-order factors emerge from the lower-level sets of abilities.

Since the TIE is a paper-and-pencil test, it was possible to gather the data in small groups, normally not exceeding 10 persons. Table 6 Gender differences in TIE: Measuring trait emotional intelligence.

The Levels of Emotional Awareness Scale: Journal of Organizational Behavior, 26, Acknowledgments We would like to thank Bogdan Zawadzki for providing inreligencja consultation.

Most of the existing EI measures present only one or two of those qualities, while the TIE has it all. We are also very grateful to the Reviewers for their insightful comments on this article. Advances in Psychology Research. Journal of Personality, 15 6— Van der Zee, K. Convergent validity odzechowski EI measures remains a controversial topic and continually elicits lively debate among EI researchers.

Jossey-Bass, A Wiley Company.