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ImmunoCAP® ISAC and Microtest for multiplex allergen testing in people with difficult to manage allergic disease: a systematic review and cost analysis. A combination of innovative biochip technology with cutting edge research in molecular allergology has resulted in ImmunoCAP® ISAC – the most advanced in. The immuno-solid phase allergen chip (ISAC) test (Thermo Fisher ImmunoCAP ISAC) is a microarray assay system designed to assay specific.

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One hundred and forty-eight full-text articles were retrieved: Of the 15 included studies, four were funded by, 3846 or received reagents and consumables 39 or testing services 45 from, the manufacturer.

Allergen Panel, IgE by ImmunoCap ISAC

Further details of the excluded full papers and the reasons for exclusion can be found in Appendix 4. Jmmunocap both methods, a positive result was defined as positive for at least one component or whole allergen; the cut-off values used to define positivity for individual components and allergens were not reported. If you have any further questions, needa consultation, treatment, or if any problems are identified throughout this testing process, we would be happy to book you an appointment to meet with one of our specialists.

It is suggested that a consensus-based protocol for the use of multiplex allergen testing be developed. The results of individual studies are summarised iswc text and tables. Thank you for submitting your feedback. No studies were identified of people with difficult to manage allergic disease in the UK. The results of the risk-of-bias assessments are summarised and presented in tables and graphs in the results of the systematic review see Study quality and are presented in full, by study, in Appendix 4.

All three ISAC 51 components ixac low sensitivity ranging from Added value was defined as the ability to discriminate allergens that were cross-immunoreactive rather than those that were responsible for sensitisation, or the ability to impact upon accuracy of diagnosis or allergen-specific immunotherapy SIT prescription that was not possible using standard diagnostic work-up. One study 47 was reported only as a conference abstract. See Stability for additional info. OFC testing was used as the reference immuunocap.


Full data extraction tables are provided in Appendix 2. A systematic review was conducted to summarise the evidence on the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of ImmunoCAP ISAC and Microtest for multiplex allergen testing in people with allergic disease.

ImmunoCAP ISAC – When you need the bigger picture in allergy

Overview of included studies Based on the searches and inclusion screening described above see Search strategy and Inclusion and exclusion criteriaabove20 publications, 30 — 49 of 15 studies, were included in the review; the results section of this report cites imunocap using the primary publication and, where this is different, the publication in which the referenced data were reported. In London you can attend our adult or paediatric allergy clinic or laboratory where a blood sample can be taken.

No recommendations for service im,unocap can be made based on the analyses included in this report. Full text inclusion assessment, data extraction and quality assessment were conducted by isad reviewer and checked by a second.

As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history. May include collection media, tubes, osac, etc. The method uses solid-phase immunoassays against antigenic epitopes and measures IgE antibody concentrations in patient serum or plasma.

These scoping searches were used to generate test sets of target references, which informed text mining analysis of high-frequency subject indexing terms using EndNote X7 reference isad software Thomson Reuters, CA, USA. A conceptual model structure was developed, literature on utility scores was reviewed, and cost analyses were performed to examine the short-term costs of various possible diagnostic pathways.

However, the ISAC components had higher specificity ranging from An approved NPL form must accompany specimen. Full details of funding are reported in the baseline study details iaac see Appendix 2Tables A—C. Risk of bias and concerns regarding applicability are summarised in Tables 2 and 3 and Figure 2 ; full assessments for each study are provided in Appendix 4.

No restrictions on language or publication status were applied. Inclusion screening and data extraction Two reviewers MW and SL independently screened the titles and abstracts of all issc identified by searches and any discrepancies were discussed and resolved by consensus.

ISAC Test: 112 Allergy Tests in one tiny blood sample!

This tool has been imunocap to focus on elements of study design that we considered relevant to this specific study type, and is based upon the structure of the QUADAS-2 tool. The binding of a specific IgE to an immobilized allergen component is detected by the addition of a secondary fluorescence-labeled anti-human IgE antibody.


However, when ISAC was used to measure the same component as single IgE testing or to measure multiple components homologous proteinswith a positive test defined as any component positive, it appeared that equivalent sensitivities could be achieved without corresponding loss of specificity. Additional specimen collection, transport, or test submission information.

The sensitivities and specificities of the individual components ISAC 50 components were not reported. In all but two cases, 5152 these studies reported no relevant outcomes. Results of the assessment of clinical effectiveness assessment The searches of bibliographic databases and conference abstracts identified references.

Noimark and Harnik 40 did not report the number of food reintroductions that occurred following testing or clinical immunoocap of any changes to dietary management. The inclusion criteria were expanded to allow studies that reported direct comparisons of diagnostic accuracy between single IgE testing and multiplex allergen testing, using SPTs or allergen challenge tests as the reference standard.

Support Center Support Center. Sensitivity and specificity estimates for individual grass pollen ISAC components were not reported. One study 40 was conducted in the UK, two studies 3237 were conducted in Spain, and one study was conducted in each of Finland 33 and Italy.

You will receive a sample collection pack from the lab as shown in video or if you opted for a collection in London you can attend the lab with printed request form for sample collection the request form will be sent by e-mail after your payment.

Multiplex allergen tests are molecular diagnostic tests, in the form of a glass slide, which can simultaneously test for the presence of multiple antibodies in blood samples up to 51 allergen sources.