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Description: While the Dignitet curtain wire looks nice, it is not the most functional since it tends to sag (even when tensioned properly taut, it will. Buy IKEA – DIGNITET Curtain Wire, Stainless Steel: Window Hardware Sets no help at all, all you need is common sense, patience and follow the instructions. The items shown here are a Dignitet system from Ikea. .. else mentioned that, and it’s not that obvious from the instructions, but when you go to.

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Ikea still carries this line of products, you might be able to find more information from their site.

Mount the post bracket with post and slide the eignitet plate over it. Once we laid out and positioned our posts, we replaced the expansion fasteners with a nylon fastener that expands behind the drywall for a more secure anchor, like the ones shown below. IKEA’s website says that “for stability you need to use extra support difnitet for curtain wires longer than 55”. Joy – Yes, it’s an older article, but we do try to always answer our emails.

You may need longer cable.

Since I am not using this wire set for draperies, but rather for photos, I give the set 4 stars; I am subtracting a star for the hours it took me to cut the rope correctly. This made mounting the wire posts a little more challenging since we could not locate rafters to screw into for a better anchor. The biggest thing to remember is to try to mount into a stud – especially if you are hanging something with any weight.

Do you know what the Pottery Barn may name their system? Seriouslythey sometimes don’t come with instructions. Some folks just mark all at instrcutions and drill. There was only one kind of hook in the package we used.


Use the supplied Allen wrench to loosen the tiny nuts on digniet left iksa. If you decide to have curtains only on either side of the bed, you can delete the two corner posts, and just buy two curtain wire kits. How would you advise changing the anchor method? Our curtains were quite lightweight, so we got away with it, but I dignotet suggest trying to span such a huge distance.

T hanks in advance!

If this is the case, you may be able to have your posts mount right into a rafter behind the drywall with just some screws, giving you maximum strength when you tighten up the wire.

Better to cut off too little than too much you can always cut idgnitet off later. Different types of walls will require different types of screws, and you’re whining about something that costs nearly nothing and is available practically everywhere. Took me a while to figure out!

Sorry to not be of more help. Hi Lacie — that sounds like a very interesting project!

One could only wonder what would happen if instructinos had to actually hang draperies from this wire set; seems to me that the slack would be awful. So, we may not be the most valuable resource for whether or not it will eventually droop for you.

How to: Add tension to Dignitet wire curtain – IKEA Hackers

Dignitet Curtain Wire Note: Threading and tightening the cable Insert and fasten one cable end into the anchor post. Newer Post Older Post Home. You might want to reach out to a window covering expert with your situation. I have been looking for a way to display pics of my grandkids because the refrigerator is already maxxed out with magnets and photos.

I plan to hang net curtains over a 4 metre length, so not very heavy, but when I bought the Dignitet in IKEA yesterday I noticed their display was very droopy nd have since read some comments online that it’s difficult to keep the cable taut. I just bought this cable kit from Ikea and plan on hanging curtains with ikeea.


Posted by Carter Dale on Sunday, July 6, Did you see the curtain tutorial? Mount them both ikra. After instruchions complete the last post layout, you should have 4 strings hanging from your ceiling. One time I lived in an old building with plaster walls rather than drywall, and the plaster stuck to the wall-mounts like crazy when I took it down.

Mount the bases, then snap the covers over them. Of course, we didn’t try anything nearly that long with our situation, so we really can’t say with certainty.

How to: Add tension to Dignitet wire curtain

The only trouble is it’s pretty tricky to install. Also, our curtain needed to go behind the headboard, because we wanted to hide the tubs and stuffed animals secreted away there. Could you explain somewhat? I tightened and untightened screws, and finally, after a couple hours of all this, I just instructiions up.

This idea is great! We did not have any runs difnitet long as what you are anticipating and were only hanging very lightweight guaze curtains. You may dihnitet to simply put your headboard against a wall. I wish IKea shipped Thank you for the demonstration. It worked for our gauze but our runs were probably about half what you are considering. I then put tension on the cable, and trimmed it so it would seat into the holder all the way.