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Igra staklenih perli has ratings and reviews. Hese je te godine dobio najveće svetsko priznanje: Nobelovu nagradu za književnost. DownloadHerman hese igra staklenih perli pdf. Free Download e-Books Sony. Ericsson C – user opinions and reviews Use Reset Your PC to reinstall. Download Herman Hese – Igra staklenih perli. Description. Download Herman Hese – Igra staklenih perli Free in pdf format.

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The novel happens in two distinct worlds — lyrical and idealistic Castalia, and outside that is the real world with all its fast pace, confusion, and greed.

Igra staklenih perli 1-2

It is not impossible for us to just stay in the campus for all week. I know those sort of players are very rare. Education is the most important thing in our families.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Without using fancy language and going on about scholarship, virtue, the aristocracy of intellect, and so on, as his schoolteachers were prone to do, this serene, friendly man had something in his maner and his speech that imposed an obligation and brought out your good, chivalric, higher aspirations and forces. Even if you give up the book after the first few pages, you have to read these stories. History and the inevitable burning push of evil must have seemed dark and heavy, but ultimately this book written from to contains the germs of peace and tranquility.

For semesters or for years he may, if he pleases, merely make use of the libraries and listen to lectures.

They portrayed their dream and their ideal. Hesse took 11 years to complete this book and it is definitely a tough book to write; rather it is tough book to continue writing once you have staklemih with a premise and reached a certain length. Knecht develops many of his personal views about what larger good Castalia can achieve through vigorous debates with Designori, who views Castalia as an ” ivory tower ” with little to no impact on the outside world.

The story involves the life four characters who oscillate between extraversion and introversion while developing the four basic psychic functions igrq Analytical Psychology: Dystopian SF meets proto-backpacker-hippy meets philosophy.

I think that staklenin comes from the idea of a spiritual retreat a common theme and surrender. Some collected quotes or so. The Glass Bead Game: Knecht, too, comes to see Castalia as a kind of ivory tower, an ethereal and protected community, devoted to pure intellectual pursuits but oblivious to the problems posed irga life outside its borders.


A contemplative, diligent intellectual life is reserved for them. But Joseph’s elevation to one of the highest and most respected ranks of the Order coincides with a crisis of conscience, as his ever deepening doubts about this idealistic and sanitised society threaten to topple its very foundations.

Igra staklenih perli by Hermann Hesse (4 star ratings)

You’re reading a biography, albeit a fictional one, and …more I would say if you’re waiting for hwse big event, or grand set piece, that doesn’t really happen. To ask other readers questions about Igra staklenih perliplease sign up. Get to Know Us. The other affects us emotionally, and is often more effective in opening new doors.

Maybe it was because they keep talking about meditation, but the peaceful way in which this entire life of a person was told made me feel like I was coming to my senses after a long meditation when I completed the book. As the Game progresses, associations between the themes become deeper and more varied.

It could be fun, and sometimes you felt it as a badge of honor, to deceive and outwit the ordinary schoolmaster, but in the presence of this man such notions never even occurred to you. Mervyn SavillRichard and Clara Winston The Glass Bead Game creates a beautiful and lyrical dream world set in a future a few hundred years out, where the world has just recovered from a long period of war and confusion, and created a small province, Castalia, where the pace of life is slow, and everyone there lives a life of the mind.

So yes, definitely others saw the connection.

The beginning of the novel introduces the Music Master, the resident of Castalia who recruits Knecht as a young student and who is to have the most long-lasting and profound effect on Knecht throughout his life. The concluding chapter, entitled “The Legend”, is reportedly from a different biography. Modern day physicists have the same dream in the form of a Theory of Everything, and even that idea is often challenged within the Physics community.

Herman Hese – Igra staklenih perli

This Knecht has been born some dozen years after the Treaty of Rijswijk in the time of Eberhard Ludwigand in depicting the other characters Hesse draws heavily on actual biographies: If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?


He had perlo learned that the sick and unfortunate are far more receptive to traditional magic spells and exercisms than to sensible advice; that people ore readily accept affliction and outward penances than the task of changing themselves, or even examining themselves; that they believe more easily in magic than reason, in formulas than experience.

Like I said it wasn’t the point. The way Castalia was very disconnected from the outer world who pay for the comfort and peace of these elite staklenihh whom the elites are supposed to be serving was very objectionable. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. It was staklwnih, but just didn’t mix well with the final parts of the novel.

Then when he reaches the top he does not quite know what to do, since he has no higher Master to follow; he can only become a Master in his own right pelri abandoning the Order altogether. The glass bead game unless I missed something never seems to be played in epic battle proportions as described in this book, its never openly laid out other than just the basic idea.

The Glass Bead Game – Wikipedia

This is likely why Hesse places so much emphasis on the master-student dynam Tales of oscillation within Hesse’s idealized dichotomy: The kind of mystery that Hesse seems to prefer are magical in the true sense of the term. This book has had a great impact on me.

In the introduction it says that heae language of the Glass Bead Game can express all branches of special sciences, yet later on we only see references to mathematics and music, and oddly questionable things such as the ancient patterns of a Chinese house, astrological signs, etc.

Using the framework of the Game Hesse is able to look at the dynamic pfrli all of man’s achievements as being both beautiful, worthwhile, but also frivolous and fleeting. Thus the bulk of former elite pupils find their ultimate destiny as schoolmasters. Of course all this is very fine; no one will contend otherwise. The Glass Bead Game takes place at an unspecified date centuries into the future.