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PRELIMINARY NOTE ON THE LIFE HISTORY OF HYMENOLEPIS CARIOCA. By Myrna F. Jones. See allHide authors and affiliations. Science 23 Nov Hymenolepis may refer to: Hymenolepis (plant) · Hymenolepis (tapeworm) · Disambiguation icon. Disambiguation page providing links to articles with similar . 1. Science. Nov 23;68() PRELIMINARY NOTE ON THE LIFE HISTORY OF HYMENOLEPIS CARIOCA. Jones MF. PMID:

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I have also found exactly similar loops in the rostellum of H. The accessory lateral nerves are very small and only occasionally evident in the segments, lying a short distance dorsal and ventral from the main nerves.

Hymenolepis – Wikipedia

In the scolex the canals of both sides turn inward and approach each other as they pass forward. In hymenolepie and general appearance, the wall of this narrow portion of the vas deferens resembles the membrane of the pouch, which seems to have turned in at this point to form a narrow tube through which the vas deferens passes.

The remaining few tm continue across to the other side of the segment. The clear, transparent shell has a thickness somewhat over half a micron.

Dorsal view of very young segments. The cirrus pouch cpseminal vesicle vsand seminal receptacle sr are usually easily recognizable in toto specimens. From the point of union of each of these eight nerves with the ring, a branch of nerve fibers passes outward over carikca surface of the adjacent sucker.

The second follow- ing segment has a well-defined layer of cells upon the outer surface of the uterus, and this layer fig. RANSOM The dorsal canal continues toward the ventral surface, passes around the posterior face of the ventral sucker, and cariocs completing the circuit curves outward and forward to pass anteriad between the dorsal and ventral sucker fig. A very thin layer of longitudinal muscle fibers forms its outer hymenokepis.


VI-IX, 9 text figs. The wall of the uterus con- sists of a thin membrane fig. The length ranges from 30 mm. A number of nerves extend forward from the same points. He has thus bound together three groups cxrioca forms crioca each other only in the possession of armed suckers, and at the same time has sep- arated the group Davainea from other forms which bear close re- semblances to it in many respects, but do not have hooks upon the suckers.

We encourage people to read and share the Early Journal Content openly and to tell others that this resource exists. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Uber craioca Bau der Taenia infiata Rud. From the diagonal muscles of the proglottis fibers turn in to attach to the outer portion of the cirrus sac, serving thus as protractors fig. Zur Hjmenolepis der Musculature des Taenien-korpers. Scarcely larger than a coarse thread at its posterior end, it tapers gradually anteriad, becoming exceedingly tenuous at the neck.

In the center of the anterior surface is the small orfice of the cavity of the rostellum. Zur Morphologie des Taenien-scolex. The arrangement of the organs within the cirrus pouch is similar to that carioac Drepanidotaenia lanceolata Wolff hiigel 00a.

The blade of the largest hooks measures 6 ft to 7. The lateral longitudinal nerves In arise from the postero-lateral corners of the ganglia figs.

The uterus develops in front of the yolk and shell glands, imme- diately dorsal to the ovary.

Upon the basis of Cohn’s classification we should refer it at once to the subgenus Drepanidotaenia. The ventral root is long, while the dorsal root is only a mere knob.


The embryos at the latest stage fig. An inner poste- rior ring, if present, is scarcely developed. Transverse section through anterior region of proglottis. The longitudinal fibers come from the diagonal system, or from the subcuticular longitudinal muscles, and attach to the tip of the cirrus pouch to form part of the system of protractors.


People may post this catioca online or redistribute in any way for non-commercial purposes. A head, sectioned in situ with a piece of intestine, carilca sessed, upon the suckers, hooks fig. Transverse section through the posterior region carjoca one of the first 35 segments. Two figures by Creplin 29 are reproduced by Braun They are very thin and close together, and run around the vagina in a circular direction, so that in a longitudinal section they appear as a thick coat of cilia.

Zur Systematik der Vogeltaenien, IV.


It is therefore questionable whether such a difference is sufficient to separate generically two forms otherwise similar, whose lack of agreement hymenolepjs this regard may be explained as the result of a slight variation, which, although oc- curring but hymrnolepis in one, has become permanent and normal in the other. Cohn 99, 99a, 99b, 00a divides the genus thus characterized into two subgenera upon the basis of the number of hooks.

Since the rostellum is unarmed it would also, follow- ing Cohn’s classification, fall in the same subgenus Hymenolepis s. Specimens in my possession of Hymenolepis sp.

These cells are to all appearances exactly similar to the cells found in the same position but in much greater numbers in Taenia transversaria, Taenia expansa, and Calliobothri- um coronatum, described by Ccarioca 88 as prostate glands.