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The Hydracore is one of the most versatile machines for core drilling. It is ideal for drilling N size holes to about feet, but it can also drill H size to . Hydracore News. Stay up to date with the latest Hydracore News. . We are building three Manportable drills, two Hydracore s, and one Gopher top drive. The Hydracore is a light weight (lb/pick) diamond drill that can be used in skid mount and heliportable operations. This rig is designed for modular.

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Most drills have a really low first gear mainly because the transmission is really designed for use in a truck. It uses the same simple and efficient hydraulic circuits as the surface version.


One difficulty was that this machine will […] More. I guess this new chuck is pretty unimpressive looking on the outside. Once we have more experience with this new chuck we will know for sure.

This chart uses the dimensions and weights of the various drill rods to predict how much torque is required to turn the different sized drill rods in proportion to other sized drill rods.

Eventually I think a 22000 more chucks are going to be made this way. I think it is the best little underground drill on the […]. The frictional hydraclre is assumed to be proportional to the weight of the rod times the radius of the dragging surface of the rod.

Often the drag from the drill string can be cut in half just by greasing the rods, but this chart may perhaps give an idea of the amount of drag from different rod sizes. It is enough torque to easily wreck anything less than P size. The hydraulic powerpack also uses mostly the same components. I think they have the windiest roads in the world. The drill head, clamp, water pumps, mixers, and winch, are the same as on hydracpre surface Hydracore Drill.


The underground feed frame is made to be as short as possible so that the drill stations can be kept to the minimum size. We want to keep the company the same, because […].

We want to make our image match hdracore abilities. The Hydracore has the same P size head as the Hydracorebut the feed frame is larger. The LF 70 has an impressive ft-lbs. This month we are hyydracore very busy so we are building a machine for stock. Many of our customers have found this out by running these machines. One difficulty was that this machine will […].

Hydracore Underground – Hydracore Drills

BC Hydro used it to drill anchor bolt holes for transmission […]. Later it was converted to a surface machine by lengthening the stroke and installing a Diesel engine in place of the electric motor. This month I have added a few links on our site to other companies who are our authorized distributors.

I think it is the best little underground drill on the […] More. BC Hydro hydfacore it to drill anchor bolt holes for transmission […] More. The Hydracore is the most powerful drill Hydracore makes.


If you are reading this then you will have noticed that we have a new web site. It looks a lot like a normal auto chuck.

The Hydracore Underground uses many of the same simple, reliable, low maintenance, and well proven components as the Hydracore surface drill. There is also a chart for depth capacity of Hydracore drills. This chart predicts that the bit torque for an AO bit would be hydracorr what is required for a BO bit. Here is a picture of a machine we built for Van Mars Hydracorw Drilling.

Hydracore Manportable – Hydracore Drills

More torque is available in reverse for rod breaking, because the reverse pressure is set at the intermittent pressure of the system of 5, psi and the maximum pressure in forward is only 3, psi. A unique cylinder is used that is better than what other suppliers have.

Not only is this new chuck strong, but it is also simple and durable. Then I went to Chile to see Expert Drilling. These charts have information that you cannot find anywhere else, about drill bit sizes, drill rod sizes, and constants that can be used to figure out drill bit and drill rod torque.

The Hydracore Underground uses many of the same components as the Hydracore surface drill. We have had a very busy year here at Hydracore. That is pretty good, but I have seen our Link Chuck holding 33, lbs.