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HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements .. For more information about features of the MSA20 enclosure, refer to the HP. The HP StorageWorks MSA20 is an Ultra parallel SCSI-only device for its external interface. It’s a SATA backplane But remember, it’s. Our device was SCSI attached, and has SATA drives in it. So I’m poking around eBay, and I see a really cheap HP MSA20, which seems to.

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Considering we aren’t really experienced, I’d appreciate it if someone help us on how we can setup up our NAS with it.

HP MSA20 Modular Smart Array SATA Storage With 12 X HP 250gb Hard Drives

Web Hosting Talk Team. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This is very dangerous and you can lose all your data. I kept all my vSphere hosts offline, and just turned on the MSA20 units and the SuperMicro server that is attached to them. This is just me ph on my experience and usage. Do you accept the use of cookies and accept our privacy policy?

Likely, but I’m not sure it’ll have an external port. Hope this helps someone out there! If yes, what kind of cable I have to get to connect the array to the server? Not only did everything seem faster, but H completed the backup without any ,sa20. Sometimes the array just disappears and in Windows Server Storage Manager I right click and try to reactivate and it does nothing; Continuous rebooting of the MSA box and server will result in a fix with no rhyme or reason.


hp smart array – Is it possible to convert an HP MSA20 from U to SAS? – Server Fault

Log in with your username and password. Yep, the MSA is just a disk array. By camers in forum Dedicated Hosting Offers. Our weekly Insider newsletter is for you. To be honest we didn’t know it was only a space for disks as we thought it would come with CPU and other things so we could install an OS on it. By dman2kx in forum Dedicated Hosting Offers.

This made me start thinking. I ran a ADU report and carefully read the entire report. Want to keep up with the hottest industry headlines? But like I said a few reboots msaa20 everything later and it just comes back with no errors at all. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The time now is Accept Reject Cookie and Privacy Policy. All times are GMT The default controller is unlikely to have an external port, so only for the mmsa20 drives.

Penton Media Community Leaders: Similar Threads Blowout Sale! By registering you’ll gain: Well, for the longest time I have been running a vSphere 4.

Registration at Web Hosting Talk is completely free and takes only a few seconds. Rebuilding each drive seemed to fix this. These people have had HP replace mxa20 single item inside of the MSA20 unit except the drives and the issue still occurs.


HP MSA20 Modular Smart Array SATA Storage With 12 X HP gb Hard Drives | eBay

Join Date Jun Posts I tend to lose everything without rhyme or reason. This repair was mxa20 by updating the parity data to match the data drive contents.

I replaced this drive, let it rebuild, and thought this would be the end of the issue, but I was incorrect. We know that we are supposed to connect this to another HP server with a SCSI cable, but we don’t know what kind of cable and what type of SCSI card we have to get and install on our server.

After finally removing and rebuilding each drive in the array, I finally decided to boot up the vSphere servers, and run a backup of my 12 VMs.

Results 1 to 8 of 8. I then proceeded to remove a drive, re-insert it, let it rebuild over 3 hours, then when healthy and rebuilt, do it to the next drive. Recently I moved, so I had to move all my servers, storage units, etc… When I got in to the new place, and went to ma20 everything up, I noticed that my first drive had failed upon initializing one of the MSA20 units.

Ah a questionso if it has Smart Array 6idoes it mean it has a port on msw20 server? In desperation I thought to myself this all happened when a drive failed and I put a new disk in the array.