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Albee, Edward – Historia Del Zoo – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. EL PLAN SUICIDA DE JERRY EN LA HISTORIA DEL ZOOLÓGICO: UNA OPCIÓN The Zoo Story (), Edward Albee’s most recognized play, primarily . La Historia del Zoo de Edward Albee (Obra de teatro). Public. · Hosted by Proyecto YLEM / Círculo de Estudios Teatrales. Interested.

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Also, as he later edwardd, he wants his death to be reported on the media because part of his suicidal plan is to be recognized publicly, at least, through his death.

It can be observed in the play that because of his sexual preference, it is complicated for hisforia to find someone to belong to and love. They rather build up a powerful force to avoid pain, injury, and death.

Also, he causes her distrust as when she calls him a liar because she suspects that Jerry wants to poison her dog.

Historia del zoo

He lived with no human love, care, and recognition, so he hoped that his suicide would call the attention of the world that he, as a human being, did exist. Services on Demand Article.

Rediscovering the representation of violence in the zoo story. Plays by Edward Albee. Unexpectedly, Jerry pulls a knife on Peter, and then drops it as initiative for Peter to grab. When Peter holds the knife defensively, Jerry charges him and impales himself on the knife. He lacks the basic needs and goals of life in terms of cel, social acceptance, friends, marriage, sex, religion, and even the ability to communicate.

Peter is a wealthy publishing executive with a wife, two daughters, two cats, and two parakeets. Only non-professional and college theaters may produce The Zoo Story in its original version.

At this point, Jerry is not afraid of any possible aggression because, since he has been so habituated to pain and violence, he has already lost his intuitive sense of self-protection. The first factor of a suicidal behavior, sense of thwarted belongingnesstakes place when a person feels albes and alienated from others, causing unbearable circumstances of disillusion and loss.

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The Zoo Story review ” Theatre Journal At the end of the awakening comes, in time, the consequence: But I think I did. It could have been any other person in the park to help him histkria it.


The elements of ironic humor and unrelenting dramatic suspense are brought to a climax when Jerry brings his victim down to his own savage level. Its prequel, “Homelife” written inhowever, can only be produced as a part of “Edward Albee’s at Home at the Zoo”. In consequence, he emerges as a courageous man to face death because edwarf has acquired the capability to commit suicide before he arrives in Central Park.

Because of this meaningless life and because he has been dehumanized, he starts to develop egotistic suicidal thoughts, this being a reaction that could end his human feeling of absurdity.

Albee noted the histoia was his to do with as he wanted. Although Jerry is in great pain and is losing consciousness, he warns Peter to take his book so that there is no evidence in the crime scene that may incriminate him.

Could I have planned all this? Once he is stabbed, he thanks Peter.

Hence, it is assumed that he has been able to overcome the sense of self-preservation. Since Jerry knows that he belongs to no one because he lives in an absurd world of strangers; he is forced to exceed the limits of reason by trying to find desperately an alternative type of friendship with animals and things:.

Historia del zoo – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Studies in Higher Education26, This capability entails the idea that repeated exposure to painful, frustrating, and negative experiences in life will confer a person to develop extraordinary capacities to overcome self-preservation and, therefore, come to be fearless of committing suicide. Nonetheless, he would never sleep with a albeee that does not produce any kind of feelings on him, since he proclaims he is totally gay.


His first play, it was written in and completed in just three weeks.

Based on the interpersonal-psychological theory of suicidal behavior, it has been examined how Edward Albee has created a suicidal attempter who achieves his objective. Because of that, he generates self-destructive behaviors through suicide ideation. But Peter is a backboard. I mean, I was queer Albee,p.

Understanding the reasons why Jerry develops a suicidal behavior and why he finally succeeds requires a cautious examination because, as defined by Jimenez and Cardielalbe involves complex and multifactorial manifestations related to personal, psychological, biological, and social concerns.

Jerry has not been angry or belligerent with Peter from the moment he meets him, it is an acting performance zoo achieve his suicidal goals. Since these events happen as he had planned, he intentionally hurtles himself toward the knife to die hisgoria suicide, and Peter holding the knife is just an instrument to do it. Since Jerry suffered from parental detachment at an early age, having a promiscuous mother and a noncommittal father as models to follow, he confesses that he has no feelings for his parents, lacking a sense of family ties in the past and in the present.

Once being there, Jerry incites Peter to violence by asking many questions, invading his space, tickling his ribs, insulting him, and taking his bench to get Peter enraged to harm him: