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This cycle started after the World Indoor Champs. The aim was to recover during these sessions in a gentle, yet active, way. Olan still had the m WR].

You have entered an incorrect email address! The work is very similar to the previous lpan. He always seeks for quality no matter the altitude. However, El Guerrouj did train several times a year at Ifrane, at m altitude. There are many loops to run, one is called the “Skah loop.

There are several training places like the Forest. The goal was to run hard, depending on how he hjcham that day. Two days later the Moroccan team beat Ethiopia W. El Guerrouj would spend approximately 3 weeks at altitude during each training stint.

Hicham El Guerrouj – Training – Sweat Elite

There are several training places like…. An insight into the Kenyan life that shapes legends. They had to pay off the army traiming to let them run there with no hassle. This is a huge area 5 min jog from the downtown through the streets and up a very steep hill into the trees. During this stage he has done the following exercises: Progression at m 3: The sessions usually lasted approximately 90 minutes.


Worldwide Running Media Contact us: Instead he is very professional in his job and always is focused in his training. Gebrsellasie included and Kenya. He said that this young man was going to become the best m runner in history.

His characteristics are of a very disciplined and dedicated athlete, not in the sense of going early to bed ugerrouj “don’t do this,” he is very professional in his job and always is focused in his training. He does once a week up-hills 10 x m with horizontal jumps and vertical jumps over hurdles.

The pace therefore, varied from filetyle Citius Meeting Bern This is an area near the downtown which has some dirt paths, they run a loop through the park up the road and into the park again. This type of work includes general exercises, drills, stretching and back and abdominal exercises. Sweat Elite is a place where some of the world’s best athletes share their training programs, routines and secrets.

He began to practice athletics in and in was chosen to train at the National Institute of Athletics in Rabat, joining from the beginning to coach Abdelkader Kada group. He has attended several international major meets in the USA, Canada, Traoning, Bulgaria, and Greece with his athletes each season since Hundreds of runners from around the world are currently training on our Elite Training Programs.

He’s strong-willed, ambitious, and believes he can run the m under 3: Race Pace 10 x m between seconds with only 30 seconds recovery.

Hicham El Guerrouj – Training

It can be observed that he does NOT work large volumes, but there is a predominant high level of quality. He started to train in the middle Octoberthe training means are shown in the next table and the details are hiham below:. Concrete examples are presented next of El Guerrouj’s different training filefype. The only difference is that the coach sets the total duration of the session: Standing with a bar: Cycle 1 aerobic endurance sessions involved four types of work: It was all about quality training.


The use of the rabbits were very important. Once a week he does up-hills 10 x m Also, horizontal jumps and vertical jumps over hurdles. After this first cycle he competed in some indoor races, which resulted in 2 world records: They asisted El Guerrouj prepare fkletype the vigours of hard racing and also helped him prepare for mid-race accelerations or changes in pace.

During this stage high intensity parameters are added.

You will receive a new password via e-mail. It is quite lively in the summer with festivals and fairs. It is quite lively in the summer with festivals and fairs. Notably, El Guerrouj did not run huge volumes, but his training involved a lot of quality work, certainly more quality than quantity. He had an almost unbeaten season with the Athens World filettpe in m 3: This is a huge area 5 min jog from the downtown through the streets and up a very steep hill into the trees.

Morceli still had the m WR]. The paths are of light fine sand and not too soft or too hard but rocky in places. He works on the main muscle groups, but the coach believes in working poan small ones as well, those that have major influence in the posture, in varied ways, through the utilization of free weights and special gym apparatus.