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Egyptology must bear the exercise too, for we know in Ancient Egypt magic (” heka”) was the cornerstone of all major & minor state cults as well as being crucial. The magical word of Heka could mean several meanings to many people. Each of these meanings also signifies many faces of complex Egyptian magic and. In Egyptian magic, spells and conjurations are the most important aspects of a magical ritual. Spell casting is identifiable with a term called heka.

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Spell Casting in Egyptian Magic and Heka – Egyptian Witchcraft

In fact, as soon as the “barrier of reason” is made into one of the idols of science as it was in logical positivism reason becomes “perverse” to maglc a word of Kant. The Hermopolitan scheme is magical, for the true magician like Pharaoh finds his origin not in the pantheon, but before the Enneads.

Magic as subversive, unorthodox and counter culture, does not apply to Egypt where ritual magic was practiced on behalf of the state for at least years.

In the Coffin Texts, Spellit says that Heka existed: Just as the statue maguc the god Amen for instance was the god himself, a magician, by identifying himself with a god, was transformed into him ‘I will say: Both attitudes are rejected, because: The misinterpretation of the use of hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt is one of the biggest errors in modern understanding of this craft.

As a result, the differences between Late Egyptian and Classical Egytian are as considerable as those existing between modern French and Latin, although the literary genres remained unchanged with greater originality though For the rational mode is only a thin layer, rooted in the architecture of the early stages of cognitive growth.

Great importance was attached to the names of the invoked gods or spirits, names which were hidden from the uninitiated.

The priest “waeb Sekhmet” being present as an integral part of the treatment performed by the sunu physician. This legacy of a departing Pharaoh taught the laws of kingship – Most of these rituals relates directly to the sun god and his cohorts. Spell Casting Procedures Spitting upon, trampling and spearing Before casting spellsthe person who conducts the cast spelling procedure must ensure that he has all the tools, materials and implements ready for the processes; these serve as the medium or points of references from which a hostile influence needs expelling.


The impact of the intellect of contemplation on reason is limited because the transcendental ideas do nothing more than regulate the processes of the mind so that more objective knowledge may be gathered. Physicians, priests and magicians – no clear demarcation line appears to have separated these, to our eyes very different, callings – seemingly worked according to quite strict guidelines as to how the body was to be examined, how the results were to jeka interpreted and which treatments were to be performed and which were not.

The word Ma’at is usually translated as meaning ‘justice, truth, balance’ and like heka, its concept however, involved much more. The basic aim of conducting this procedure is to control the malicious activities of evil forces or the shadow in the underworld. In addition to her image of a cow prominent as goddess of the sky in the Narmer Palette and as Great Mother suggestive of the idea of birth from the wombshe was also a tree-goddess and a goddess of the sky.

Trade and cultural relationships occasionally interrupted during the late Gerzean period by war He Re provided them the heka as magid great weapon in order to protect people from the dangerous effects of evil spirits.

Their craft belonged to the earth, to the dreamworld, to the underworld, to hypnosis, trance, divination and the feminine.

So the following sequence appears: They never divided Heka in ‘black magic’ or white magic’ as Christian and other cultures did. The proto-rational Egyptian House of Life covered more topics than the Greek academy. They realized that in sleep and dreams, one experiences these depths as a psychic reality in which one may encounter gods and the deceased alike. The Osirian cycle explained the mythogenesis of divine kingship, leaving room for the figure of the sacred primeval mother goddess cf.

The Solar cult which developed in Heliopolis was closely connected with the separation between the Sun in the sky and Nun, the endless waters originally Atum was worshipped in On, but he was solarized and assimilated by Re.

Introduction to Heka

On a higher level, all possible ideas cf. This activity and power are however rooted in mental factors magkc, as was the maigc cosmic Re and terrestial Pharaoh order. Some times, heka is also visible as an image containing a bearded man wearing a lion headdress.


Chapter for opening the mouth of Ani: Each ancient Egyptian in his manner was a magician and took part in the power which the Netjer gave to man to act upon reality. Views Read Edit View history.

The Magic of Heka: Ancient Egyptian Rituals That Have Crossed Cultures and Time | Ancient Origins

It is a burning in a fire of bryony. On the other hand, sound-glyphs are volatile. The Egyptian Calendar To conduct a perfect spell casting, one needed to relay on the calendar of the jeka Egyptian calendars always mentioned about lucky and unlucky days of the year.

Moreover, which pictures to use for things that can not be easily pictured?

This is reason in harmony with instinct. The secrets of Hathor are numerous and there is no real myth connected with her which emanated directly from her being. Early Egyptians also believed that the essential act of spitting is a symbolic gesture of being hostile or hema towards the evil influences. Book Ancient Egypt portal.

Stela of Pharaoh Djet Dynasty I ca. The latter, vertical aspect of a system, defies entropy as long as it can and this with an exemplary tenacity. The latter are necessary, for the magician wants to direct the process of the physical world.

The daemon of darkness is about, the times are not separated. In the 20th century, after the creation of a new way of witchcraft and paganism called Wicca, the topic of magic from ancient Egypt became even more popular. Through service, mastership is continuously perfected and refined.

Wax also has a religious and mythological connotations attached to it, because the wax material is said to be the creation maglc the sun god himself! I will not give thee oil, I will not give thee fat.

A key feature of this ritual the rules of which are to be found in New Kingdom sources was the Heb-Sed court or court of the “festival of the tail”which had chapels of hfka various nomes, containing the statues of their respective deities cf.