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The Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Division Handzar, above in , was of the existence of a “Handzar Divizija” in the Bosnian Muslim Army. The original Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Handzar Division, shown above in Army known as the “Handzar Divizija”, i.e., the Handzar Division. At the trial, Gusic testified as follows: “This is an order whereby the following units , the Handzar Divizija, the Silver Fox Unit, become part of the special purposes.

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The 27th Regiment then consolidated its position in Bijeljina while the 28th Regiment and the divisional reconnaissance battalion German: Pavlowitch states that sixty percent of its recruits were Muslims and the rest were Yugoslav Volksdeutsche who made up the majority of its officers and non-commissioned officers.

As the division entered the area, the Partisans withdrew to the south-east, avoiding decisive engagement. In lateparts of the division were transferred briefly to the Zagreb area, after which the non-German members began to desert in large numbers.

Archived from the original PDF on 22 August The division was divuzija re-united until January Before long, each of you shall be standing in the place hndzar you call home, as a soldier dviizija a gentleman; standing firm as a defender of the idea of saving the culture of Europe — the idea of Adolf Hitler.

After a day of searching, the division uncovered more than ten Partisan bases, which the cooperating Chetniks began to clear despite having shown little interest in actually fighting the Partisans in previous days. These teams killed over Partisans and captured over between 21 and 23 April. Hitler’s Instrument Of Terror.


13. SS oružana brdska divizija Handžar

After a short break, the division was allocated to a sector of the Margarethe Line, a series of fixed defensive works south of Lake Balaton which held up the Soviet advance. Its reprisal attacks in northern and eastern Bosnia left many hundreds and possibly as many as several thousand Serb civilians dead by the spring and summer of More than Partisans were killed and a large amount of equipment was captured: On 5 May, the division’s remaining men, both German and Bosnian, began to retreat northwards towards Austria.

The chessboard armshield was controversial, especially with the imams, who, after crossing the Sava river, removed them. During the first three weeks of September, while hard fighting continued, over 2, Bosnians deserted, many taking their weapons with them.

The Consequences of Appeasement.

Most of the remaining members became prisoners of the British Army. Operation Heiderose was a significant success for the division, inflicting serious losses on the Partisans. Many defected to the Partisans, with over having joined the Partisan 3rd Corps by early October. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Die Bosniakische Handschar Division – Bosnjacka Handzar Divizija | dagobertobellucci

On 17 AugustTito offered a general amnesty and many in the division took advantage of this opportunity. By 25 November the rest of the division was on its way handzat the Zagreb area.

When Villefranche-de-Rouergue was liberated inthe local population decided to pay tribute to the mutineers by naming one of its streets Avenue des Croates Bosnian Muslims were seen by the local population as Croats of Islamic faith and commemorating “the revolt handzxr the Croats” every 17 September. As a result, the last Muslim SS troops left Bosnia. On 25 April, the 27th Regiment advanced south to capture Zvornik.

The following day it continued on yandzar far as Stupari. The Bosnian Muslim elite and notables in various cities and towns issued resolutions or memoranda that publicly denounced Croat-German collaborationist measures along with laws and violence against Serbs. It delayed, but did not prevent, the Partisans’ advance into Serbia. There were two versions of the fez: As they broke out of the encirclement to the north, the rest of the reconnaissance battalion drove south from Bijeljina and stopped the Partisan advance at heavy cost.


Three members of the division were killed in these attacks.

SS oružana brdska divizija Handžar – Wikipedia

This caused friction between the two that eventually required Himmler’s intervention. A detached battalion of 7th SS Division would act as a blocking force driving north. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

According to one German after-action report, they had killed over 1, Partisans and captured large amounts of arms and ammunition. The service support units remained north of the Sava in Vinkovciwhich became their permanent garrison area.

FlashBack: How Bosnian Muslims Reformed Nazi SS Division

Flank security was to be provided by the reconnaissance battalion in the Srebrnik area. On 20 July, both divisions attacked the 27th Regiment, which counterattacked the following day after the Partisans were rebuffed with heavy casualties. Speaking of the Bosnian Muslim troops who had served in the Austro—Hungarian army, Himmler later said, “I knew there was a chance that a few traitors might be smuggled into the division, but I haven’t the slightest doubt concerning the loyalty of the Bosnians.