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The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble Bihi, a Somali with a degree in economics who has made and lost a fortune in the virtual goat market. Previous post: Understanding the jargon of Brexit. Next post: The European Court of Justice may have rescued Italy’s banks. The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble has 3 ratings and 0 reviews: Published September by DailyLit, 35 pages, Kindle Edition.

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Men sold their very houses to raise the price of a single goat. I was commenting within the context of the UK. There are not many industries that are actually “net producers”, except perhaps oil extraction and refinery.

It has now moved to a new home, with a fresh format. Thanks for reading it. Complain about this comment Comment number 2. With Glengarry Glen Ross having just finished at the Gate, those seeking a further fix of David Mamet can get it in his provocative play on sexism and political correctness, Oleanna, in a production by Company D.

Coming to the UK soon. Looking purely at the consumer side of the economy – Before WWII only rich people owned motor cars, televisions, their own house, took holidays abroad, and ate regularly in restaurants. Feel free to l eave comments here. The economy is eating itself alive Everyone was growing richer, yet somehow more anxious.

However, soon the doubled and redoubled prices paid out by the airport manager had reached such giddy heights that the merchant class grew greedy and joined in. Trivia About The Great Hargeis The long grass had spread from both edges to reclaim the old runway.


If this were true then more ‘investment’ in goats would mean less investment in other areas and, as this was a miss-allocation, then Hrgeisa should have become even poorer in real terms. It seemed to be completely beyond their ken that they only existed and had money to collect because of all the dreadfully irritating creative business. I ate the final remnants of my penultimate goat, which I had cured in salt and carried on the tottering back of my ultimate goat to Hargeisa.

For me the issue is not economic or governance it is survival and whether adaptation in the use of resources can take place in time.

The Airport Manager had by now begun to fly in goats, to sell at market for nearly twice what he was paying out, thus financing further imports. I can recommend that play thoroughly, but it didn’t have much to do with economics. Return to Book Page.

What happened in the story and what happens in reality is that the bubble caused rise in bank lending to invest in the bubble. A curious sorrow seemed to fill him.

The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble

Complain about this comment Comment number 7. Oh, certainly, paupers were goag millionaires, and millionaires were soon billionaires by merely getting out of bed and showing their faces at the beautiful new Goat Exchange, bubhle the heady joy of the early days had gone. The whole issue is one of oversupply and people trying to increase productivity as a compensation and it is a waste of time. There are many ripped MP3 versions available through Torrents, etc – just google away merrily.


You just make the problem worse and by following that route you become extinct. Allow me to begin again It’s ‘cleverly’, but egregiously, done. The numbers we dealt in were by now so vast that the few remaining physical goats were a financial irrelevance of purely historical interest, and, indeed, a source of slight embarrassment to the newly wealthy traders of goat derivatives.

The market was soon flooded with goats, buble of them sick or lame. Reassured that the UN wouldn’t let the market collapse, prices soared higher.

The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble by Richard’s Cloud | Free Listening on SoundCloud

But it’s pretty puny stuff on a day to day basis. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I have you now,” I said, entirely uargeisa by this excellent clarification.

They greah the poor regulation and they must go we cannot wait until their terms of office expire or they die of natural causes. Listen to my Radio 4 series on the search for growth in Britain’s economy. The answer is you change the product or service.