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Grammar Dictation by Ruth Wajnryb, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Grammar Dictation. Ruth Wajnryb Series Editor: Alan Maley. Resource Books for Teachers. The activities enable students to improve their. JU JU Oxford English RESOURCE BGDKS FOR TEACHERS editor ALAN MALEY GRAMMAR DICTATION RuthWajnryb RESOURCE BGDKS FOR TEACHERS.

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How each activity is organized Each text is the basis of a dictogloss lesson.

Grammar Dictation

In the error analysis and correction stage, learners consolidate their understanding of which options gramar the most suitable. This improves the group dynamic, which itself allows for the phenomenon of ‘exploratory talk 5 among peers, something which is rendered impossible by the size, power asymmetry, and lack of intimacy of the full classroom.

S4 confused at – By could be used instead of at. S3 has been gathered – The present perfect simple tense is used for a recent action where the focus is on the event rather than on the precise time at which it occurred.

Grammar Dictation by Ruth Wajnryb

S8 even less of – That is, even less notice of Ill Thematic index This index is included to assist your selection of a text from a thematic or topical perspective. Rugh want grammar lessons and teachers are increasingly loath to provide them. Year does not take a final s, as it is an adjective here, not a noun.


Groups should aim to maintain the informational content of the original. In fact this compound is a transposed reduced clause: She has worked as the Director of teacher training and professional development at a number of institutes and colleges in Sydney.

What they produce in the end is not a replica of the original text, but this was never the intention. While these are not primary aims of the method, they are important by-products of it. Further, teachers can build upon this resource by applying the procedure to texts of their own choosing.

Ask your students if any of them remember what happened at that time. Describe your symptoms at the time, and the ways in which you dealt with them.

In this case, with two finite verbs linked by the conjunction and, a time sequence would be implied. This is not uncommon in English, e.

Description Grammar Dictation offers an innovative approach to the study of grammar in the language classroom – the ‘grammar dictation’ or ‘dictogloss’ procedure. University of Wollongong Library. There is another example of what. Upper School added it Aug 10, SI to find – The gerund could also be used: Open to the public ; C When it is complete, the group checks the text for grammar, textual cohesion, and logical sense.

S4 help new parents learn – Note the syntax: S2 as – This is a causal connector linking the main clause to the subordinate one; because or since could also be used here. These 31 locations in All: English for Primary Teachers Mary Slattery.


See also in S 1: The various versions are analysed and compared and the students refine their own texts in the light of the shared scrutiny and discussion.

Find out to what extent your class believe in this. You very soon realize that it is your home on fire. S2 arrested – The passive is used, as the focus is on the process or what happens to theyoM dication the sentence, not on the agent s of the action.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. A similar usage occurs in S2, being sandwiched.

Full text of “Grammar Dictation”

The hypotheses are tested out and the results of each test – the feedback – are processed trammar the learner who then adjusts a current hypothesis to accommodate the wajnryyb data received.

Hindy marked it as to-read Jul 08, S8 little – Note that the meaning here is negative nearly none as distinct from the positive, if minimal, meaning of a little. Here learners are engaged in the process of creative construction of language in the form of a short text. The idea is to reduce the burden on short-term memory.