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Theurgy is divine. One cannot become a theurgist without the knowledge of one’s Self. The Internal God of every human being is, indeed, the. Practical techniques of theurgy to cure and heal others. Practicing Gnosis: Ritual, Magic, Theurgy and Liturgy in Nag Hammadi, Manichaean and Other Ancient Literature. Essays in Honor of Birger A. Pearson ( Nag.

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At the same time, it heals the lungs. But that soul has fatally been the occasion to many other souls to be involved in error, to whom it has not been given to acknowledge the immortal Jove.

You can read it for yourself in the book. It is interesting that both angels and demons are allured by the shed blood of the sacrifice — especially in context of both theugy Gentile sacrifice and Jewish-Israelite sacrifice as discussed by Origen in On the First Principles 1.

First, it must be blessed, then it must be yanked by surprise from its very roots. The magnetic insufflations are performed by inhaling oxygen and Prana and, after having mentally charged it with our own vitality, it must be exhaled within a handkerchief and applied over the sick organs of the patient. I came to unite them in the place.

This stage of the Second Death is necessary if the metallic souls are to reach their most purified state — the state of spirit and Gold, which is the rebirth. While in Meditation we can visit the Heart-Temples of the stars, because through Meditation we can achieve being completely within the Innermost.

Let us see some of them. These objects and symbols represent something that has completed the work of the alchemical process, called the Great Work Magnum Opus. Origen and Celsus said the same thing where the daimons will even go as far as to steal a sacrifice made for a god or angel. The Master Huiracocha thwurgy us extensively about these things in his Initiatic Novel of Occultism and in his book entitled Sacred Plants.

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His wealth allowed him to be a full-time student of magic and philosophy, unrestrained by the worries of common folk and peasants. When one falls deep enough into the thuergical rabbit hole, who knows what interesting bread-trail of gnosis one may find and follow. Vowels for Marcus were also equated gnlstic the planets. We invoked Master Krumm-Heller. John is the one of all the four which most insists on the divinity tgeurgy Christ, the occult anti-Christian sects have habitually made it the basis of their rites.

Esoteric Treatise of Theurgy, a book by Samael Aun Weor

The magician must magnetize the patient with the firm resolution of casting the possessing entity out from him. We also see Moses receive the Law from Yahweh in the form of a covenant between him and the nation of Israel on a mountain in Exodus It would have served her case better if she had made more comparisons with Gnostic texts in comparison with all of the Jewish mystical traditions that she certainly succeeds in analyzing.

Dionysus the Areopagite or Psuedo-Dionysus is a mysterious theological figure without a concrete identity who uses Neoplatonic cosmology and dresses it all up with Christian language. Iamblichus, was actually a former student of Porphyry who likewise criticizes and attempts to refute this approach to transcendent experience by claiming it as being misguided and even delusional. For that element in us which is divine theionand intellectual noeron — is aroused, then, clearly in prayer, and when aroused, strives primarily towards what is like itself and joints itself to absolute perfection.

That gentleman wants to deprive us of the sublime and grandiose power of the articulated word. By means of these mantras, we carry the fire from our solar plexus towards all of our chakras in order to animate and awaken them. It cures this organ and awakens in us the sense of intuition. Janowitz rightly connects the creation of the world with the divine name itself, when she writes p.


The theurgists were in a sense the inheritors of the ancient Greek Mysteries which aimed to introduce the candidate directly to the gods. The internal Christ, the Soul, and the Devil. Whoever learned the secret of the Name and its use would be able to do whatever he wished. Earth, revert to earth! They are afraid to fall into ridicule. He observes the ritual in silence. This process is slow, patient, and methodical. Grace be with me; father, let it be with me.

Lions of brass were bound to two iron pillars at the gate of the place of burnt offerings. She also corresponds with the symbols of the moon, the World Soul and the waters of the abyss.

Theurgy | The Aeon Eye

It pervades the person with the power of the name that would drive out all rival powers, an example of the very name beliefs found in all parts of the ancient world when Christianity was being formed. This is also essentially the same god of the gnosticc of Mithra. A single branch of bougainvillea cut in two pieces will serve for each one of the gnosyic flower pots.

Grant me what I need and give me — whether aloud or in secret — the being born again that you said you would deliver. Thus the world was created. The Initiate who aspires to High Theurgy must first study the rituals of life and death, as the celebrant is arriving.

The Aeon Eye

This sin is more heinous than all sins and iniquities. Antia Da Una Sastaza These mantras must be sung when pronounced. This ritual must be practiced in the following way:. They who know this— who become children of the theutgy Mind —bring down Heaven to Earth.