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The Expedition to Tabuk, also known as the Expedition of Usra, was a military expedition, which, was initiated by Muhammad in October, AD , AH 8. Ghazwa e Tabook in Urdu authored by Allama Muhammad Ahmad Bashmeel. Ghazwa Tabook book contains complete history of the last battle of the Holy.

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Shaykh Assim Al Hakeem.

Ghazwa E Tabook – The Battle of Tabouk an Islamic History in Urdu – video dailymotion

Shaykh Abdullah Sulaiman al Marzuk. Shaykh Fuaad al Amree. Shaykh Ali Muhammad Al Dhbaa. Shaykh Muhammad al Tamimi. Imam Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Bin Baaz. Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal. According to a famous account, the Prophet’s goal of this expedition was to counter the Romans’ military activities in those lands.

Shaykh Mahir Al Muaiqely. Shaykh Muhammad Amaan al-Jaami. Shaykh Ali bin Abdur Rahman Hudaify. Shaykh Dawood Al Asoosi. Shaykh Mansur al Salmi Ramadhan.

Shaykh Dr Muhammad Musa al Nasr. As the Prophet s was heading toward Tabuk to fight Romans, some of the companions, specifically Munafiqun hypocritesrefused to join the army or tried to weaken the morale of the army.


Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Al Wasabee. Shaykh Abdullah Al Matrood.

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Fayfee. Imam al Izz Bin Abdis-Salam.

Expedition to Tabuk

They finally separated from each other and made repentance Tawba which was accepted by God after fifty days. It can be assumed that the great emphasis on going to this military expedition had been more a tactic of the Prophet s to expose some of Munafiqun and the reality behind their activities in Medina, than a response to a Roman threat.

Imam Ad Dhalee h Shaykh Ahmad Bin Hajar. Al-Ya’qubi believes the aim of the Prophet ghhazwa in this military expedition had been to take the revenge for murdering Ja’far b. Shaykh Muhammed Al Munayee. Facebook Twitter Google Tumblr Email. Shaykh Ali Ibn Yahya al Bahlaki. Khalid ibn Ali Al Mushayqih Dr.

There are historical indications that may support this view, such as: Shaykh AbdiRashid Ali Sufi. Shaykh Fawwaz al Madkhali.

Shaykh Muhammad Bin Ismail Sieny.


Shaykh Abdullah al Kaamil. Shaykh Saleem At Taweel. But these narrations differ on some important factors like the cause of this expedition. Shaykh Ali ibn Ghaazi At Tuwaijiri.


Imam Shahab ud Deen. He accepted the tbook of those who had refused to join the Army and made istighfar request Allah’s forgiveness for them.

Prophet Muhammad s said: When the camel of Prophet Muhammad s was lost on the way, some people satirically said, Prophet s who tell us about ‘Ilm al-ghaybis not aware of the location of his camel. Imam Muslim ibn al Hajjaj al Naysaburi. Imam Fudayl Ibn Iyaad. Shaykh Husayn al Awayishah. Nabi SAWW ne 20 din tabuk mein qayam farmaya aur kufar ke dilon par Islam ka rob bitha kar Madina wapas tashreef laye aur tabook mein koi jang nahin hoi.