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Arturo Ponce de Leon is the author of Psicogeometria Geometría Sagrada y Arquitectura Biológica ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews), Biofractal the Sc. of Life Sacred Geometry and Biological Arquitetura Arturo Ponce de León and .. Sagrada en el Primer Congreso Internacional de Arquitectura Biologica y. La Universidad Online de Geometría Sagrada contiene decenas de horas de Aprende acerca de una amplia gama de temas como Psicogeometría, Arquitectura Biológica, Bioconstrucción, Permacultura, Lugar: Monterrey, Nuevo León.

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This principle of fractal recurrence we mark the pattern of creation in the universe. The mandalas represent the symbol that is thought of as the essential structure of the universe. The central difference between the bioligica bodies is that the electromagnetic body, which has positive or negative polarity, tends to chaos and needs to be fed electromagnetic fields greater coherence giologica sonic or light frequencies to sustainable proportions, while the gravitational body tends to order but needs to fi x a point sagradaa attraction, a zero point on which the gravitational fields are nested: The content of our sagrasa results from the immaterial, abstract and geometric architecture that is composed of harmonic waves of energy, nodes of relation, and melodic forms that flow from the eternal source of geometric proportion.

The Golden Number is one of the greatest treasures of geometry. All life forms on the planet’s surface are the instruments and actors of an ancient epic opera hard-wired into the structure of our cells. Once the toroid is completed, passing from the closed circle in itself to the toroid that assimilates the exterior inwards and vice versa, the sequence of duplication, retention and accumulation representing the Flower of life is fixed.

Thus, a small movement can strongly join a big one. The points where the internal coherence increases or raise the HRV are where the heart is “saying” this or that need geometry.

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They are polarities of the same substance that is moving or flowing at different rates, constantly. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.


Sustainable Geometry is the language of life that different cultures have imitated and adopted so as to create their manifestations of art and knowledge.

We must revise our ideas about genetic codification as a vehicle of replication and continuity, as this replication does not only rely on particular atoms of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, which are the substances making up a gene.

In defining the mass just as the resistance to change of position of wave packets in rotation, it is clear that a law of geometric type is required to explain the reason for such resistance to change wave position.

The shape of our eyes, vagina, urethra, etc. The important question that arises from our understanding of the universe as a universe wavy in nature is: Those traveling in opposite directions, can remain, that is, to phase and phase-lock.

Implosion creates happiness, which is the ultimate solution to heal the attention deficit. The biofield comprises the whole of the subtle bodies that revive the cellular ones. There currently exists a remarkable movement to remember those laws and apply them to the creation of structures more suitable to the principles of life.

Psicogeometria – Sitio Oficial Geometria Sagrada Arturo Ponce de Leon y Ninon Fregoso

The ability of these suction and management of energy is directly related to the “likeness” to the geometric body that contains saved with the shape of the universe.

That means to study these concepts according to their qualitative level, i. Each Sephira is an attribute of God. Only this musical wave that creates the self-similarity the golden ratio allows the compression acceleration, also called gravity becomes. Plato considered geometry and numbers as the most reduced essence and, as such, ideal of philosophical language. The same happens with the senses of touching and smelling.

It finds archetypal principles symbolized by numbers and shapes, and their arithmetic and geometric relations. If Faraday is correct, the electric charge stored in a capacitor in the form of a gravitational field. There is a strong controversy among some members of the international scientific community about the research and postulates of Dan Winter, regarding the “cause and effect” between the acceleration of electric charge and gravity.


It arquitctura an extraordinary image to harmonize and reestablish an order of life. The Flower of Life is the most refined expression of creation. The HeartTuner, unlike other measurement systems, is a device that measures the internal consistency of the heart waves, measures the Heart Rate Variability or HRV heart rate variabilitywhich is the defi nition of medical health. A subtler body than the electromagnetic one is the gravitational body also called astral. The essence of Cosmos underlies arquitdctura sacrality.

Arturo Ponce de Leon (Author of Psicogeometria Geometría Sagrada y Arquitectura Biológica)

Why has this knowledge been kept so carefully? Biological or self-similar fractal capacitors as conifers, loen, land, and the EKG electrocardiogramfor compassion, single recursive nests based on the golden ratio phyllotaxis. To date, he is the founder of: Carry the same strength and compressibility storage through the same media – simply act on different scales.

In Psychogeometry, we encode the Form, the Geometry in different harmonic frequencies that can be translated into thoughts, emotions or actions. In a triangle, phi forms the dimensions of the giologica pyramid of Egypt.

Only ration is sacred; scale is mundane. A space where life can prosper and reproduce. The golden spiral is one of the ways that naturally express the perfect harmony of the universe. In the animation below we can see the Star Mother or Star of Metatron. For example, when we smell a rose, we are not responding to the chemical substances in its perfume, but to the geometry of its molecular construction.

Once they are stored in a toroid, it gathers centripetal force and leo gravitational power. This science, anciently called Sacred Geometry, gives us the capacity to create spiritual and material life.

As close as we can be to create this form and way, so great is our conductivity.