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An exclusive and revealing interview with the author of some of the most well- respected books on classic menswear, Bernhard Roetzel. Gentleman. A Timeless Guide to Fashion was first published in German in , by the publishing. For a Nordic man, reviewing a book by Bernhard Roetzel is an intimidating task. As I’m a Finn, doubly so. It can be argued that with his book.

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In regard to the relationship of men to their clothing, are there any notable differences in the dressing behaviors of men who live in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland? Roetzel uses an international group of well dressed individuals to show the reader how others approach classic style.

How would you describe the current state of classic menswear? Anything else you would like to add? It is worn today mixed with English shooting clothes, but only by a minority of style conscious hunters.

In the late 19th and early 20th century, most politicians wore decent, tailored clothes, no matter if they were socialist or conservative.

Roetzel lebt auf dem Land im Nordosten Deutschlands. Although Benrhard writes primarily about classic menswear, he collaborated with Claudia Piras and the photographer Rupert Tenison on the book British Tradition and Interiors.

Bernhard Roetzel

I have noticed a big interest in bespoke tailoring in Germany, both from young genleman and from men and women who want to make it their profession. Retrieved bfrnhard ” https: The mass of the people in Germany do dress poorly, much like the masses do in most countries nowadays. People would rather spend money on their car, house, kitchen, television set, or their smartphone and, of course, on holidays. Because there is today a specifically German defiance towards populist politicians — for historical reasons linked to the Third Reich — there seems to be a modern-day tradition that any respectable German politician must never be too well-dressed, for fear of bernhhard branded a populist, and suspected of trying to hypnotize voters, like in the darkest days of History.


Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland have very little in common except for the German language.

Books by Bernhard Roetzel. Nevertheless I hope to publish more books, presently I am working on a new book about handmade and Goodyear welted shoes. This decision makes the book indefinitely more relatable as the individuals are from a variety of ages, stylistic backgrounds and professions. A Timeless Guide to Fashion. All in all, the Gentleman Lookbook is a valuable addition to any bookshelf. Want to Read saving…. Roetzel who opened the menswear movement of a current Finnish generation.

German (un)elegance: Bernhard Roetzel helps debunk a few myths – Parisian Gentleman

Bernhard Roetzel wurde am On the other hand I notice a big interested in handmade clothes that are produced locally. Roetzel offers a professional curated collection of beautiful looks that is sure to be interesting, whether one is a sartorially seasoned veteran or a stylistic debutant. He was in fact something like the German Gianni Agnelli. The history of traditional Bavarian clothes is closely linked to the Gentlemxn tradition in the regions neighboring Germany.

AfterHungarian shoemakers tried to revitalize the good image that they had before the Berlin Wall, and some are quite successful, like Vass for example. Refresh and try again. In the 19th century, tailors everywhere in the world tried to come up with foolproof cutting systems in order to reduce the number of fittings. I guess a lot of production will come back to Europe and China will become much more sophisticated and real challenge for Italy.


The cultural differences are bigger than those between Englishmen, Scots and the Irish. German makers supplied quality stores everywhere in Europe between the end of the 19th century and the bbernhard of WWII with interruptions during and after WWIincluding the best department stores in Paris. I own the first version and could not fault it. It was a matter of prestige to have a shoemaker or a tailor in Vienna.

I find inspiration in the style of men who are unknown to the public or by men who work in other fields. A Timeless Guide to Fashion, what would it be? A Timeless Guide to Fashion. Was it influenced by the well-established Hungarian shoemaking tradition, via the historical ties of the Austro-Hungarian Empire? German upperclass members with old money dress in a similar way. A Timeless Guide to Fashion was first published in German inby the publishing house Koenemann.

I loved the idea of a green suit. Derek rated it really liked it Jan 02, Hungary has a long tradition of shoemaking but we must remember that Hungary was rather independet within the Austrian Empire, and that there was a language gap.

Roetzel chosen to present are often subtle and understated. German non-fiction writers Living people births German male non-fiction writers.