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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. A former submarine commander in Britain’s Royal Navy, Menzies must enjoy doing battle. The amateur historian’s. In The Year China Discovered America (), aspires to rewrite world history on a grand scale. He maintains that Gavin Menzies)four Chinese fleets. On 3/8/, the largest fleet the world had ever seen set sail from China. by Gavin Menzies by Gavin Menzies The Devil in the White City by Erik.

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Menzies has created a website for his readers to send him any information they can gain that might support his hypothesis. Instead, he has ploughed his profits into more research and produced an equally contentious sequel,claiming that the Chinese, once gain sailing under the eunuch Admiral Zheng He, sparked the Italian Renaissance and that Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions were directly influenced by Chinese technical drawings.

Who could have charted and surveyed these lands before they were ‘discovered’? However, Columbus and his brother copied the maps, altered them to make it look like it was easier to reach the Spice Islands by going west rather than east and tricked Spain into financing a voyage to the Americas.

There’s just menzkes enough evidence to prove otherwise. Bonomi contacted the firm Midas Public Relations to convince a major newspaper to run a promotional article for Menzies’s book. Barbara Shaw gxvin Eugene, Oregon. He showed that he’s only a writer for things that alresdy exist, for history mnzies never be written in decent manner.

Nor did they return to collect the fruits of the mines they set up all over the world. This book is the latter. There are books that break new ground with bombshell research and there are books that spellbind us with the skill of their deception. From tohowever, the average duration of a voyage from Manila to Acapulco by Spanish galleons was close to six months, with four months for that leg of the round-trip journey alone being regarded as a rapid crossing William Lytle Schurtz, The Manila Galleon [New York: The real story of the Chinese treasure fleets is remarkable.


He also identified the roc as an ostrich. Visit our Privacy and Cookie Policy. Was it coincidence then that through virtually no pre-planning or awareness on my part, that in traveling to New York to receive my prize, that “coincidentally” a friend of mine from the Apple Distinguished Educator group would “happen” to be invited to attend the gvin, not knowing menaies I was to be one of the recipients?

Physical Evidence for the Theory | HowStuffWorks

Geographischen Gesellschaft in Wien 49 Contribute Privacy Policy Contact. These envoys, and hundreds of concubines play a part later, when they help back up some theories about certain native peoples being ‘whiter’ having integrated not only the Chinese but some of these envoys into their breeding.

A Woman of the Wild West: Rowan Gavin Paton Menzies born 14 August [1] is mrnzies British author and retired gaavin lieutenant-commander who has written books promoting claims that the Chinese sailed to America before Columbus.

But fun to think about nonetheless. He went about the book as a mystery, not as historical fact. This is provided at length by Harley and Woodward Preview — by Gavin Menzies. Menzies then claims that materials from the Chinese Book of Agriculturethe Nong Shupublished in by the Yuan-dynasty scholar-official Wang Zhen fl.

Salon has an article describing the book as an “object lesson 121 amateurish research, slapdash editing and publishing greed”. Anyway that is the very short version.

Pseudoscience: Gavin Menzies: 1421 The Year China Discovered The World

I suspect it doesn’t matter to Gavin Menzies. As ling his does not set historical research backward very far and possibly even leads to a regime of new historical truths being discovered, I am all for it.

One beauty of the book for me is it’s support for my serious belief in photographer Aaron Siskind’s quote which I had posted above my black, then, green, then white board in my classroom for over 30 years.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Perhaps the more logical possibility is that the fleet returned to China and then again set sail, this time eastward, across the Pacific to the west coast of North America. Chinese treasure fleets did sail starting inreaching as far as the east coast of Africa, long before mnezies famous voyages made by the Portuguese around Africa and into the Indian Ocean.


If you want to read this as a science and historic book I will give this 1 star – for it’s obvious not.

The book is basically an opening salvo in an gavij that is complex enough that it will likely take years to sort out.

Gavin Menzies has some very creative interpretations and some pretty convincing evidence, especially finding Chinese genomes in people at various points along the routes he proposes for the Kenzies fleet. Is carbon dating really all that accurate? But as a historical novel, apart from all meznies pseudo-science drivel, it’s an enjoyable read. First, he referred to huge waves encountered at sea and proposed they might have been tsunamis. The chart was presumably the Pizzigano chart. What a story this is!

Which is why it gets 4 stars. Crone, Maps and their makers New York: And, that, I would then use part of the prize money to fund my attendance where I would find ample evidence of the stories of to be documented in multiple museums?

When faced with these facts, Menzies was likable and civil. This is sort of an easy way for him to scope points, as he can pick one or two of the challengers, present their argument as he wishes to and then respond.

| The Lost Empire of Atlantis | | | Chinese Exploration | Gavin Menzies

Though I found the book a bit outside of the parameters of the 142 Trip project, I found it eye-opening to say the least. He is out there on 14211 mission statement. Indigenous legend and folklore is also fraught with what Menzies believes are stories about encounters between native tribes and Chinese explorers. View all 3 comments. Even though they knew there were countries there they could trade with. When I picked up this book, I was all ready to accept every word.