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As baskets with welded mesh, Gabions Weldmesh can be used as retaining walls. Discover more about Betafence gabions. Zenturo gabion wall is built with specific posts to create your design fencing wall. Easier to install than standard gabions, result is very appealing and amazing. A gabion is a cage, cylinder, or box filled with rocks, concrete, or sometimes sand and soil for than stepped. The term is in wide usage, but in contexts related to gabions at least, appears to be a trademark registered by Betafence Limited.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The panels are made of galvanized wire, and an adhesion layer is provided for perfect adhesion with the polyester top coat min. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Army Corps of Engineers. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. In particular, corrosion and abrasion of wires by bedload movement compromised the structures, which then sagged and collapsed into the channels. Plastic post cap, pre-installed on the betaafence.

Our references with weldmesh gabions.

Most of our products are guaranteed up to 10 years, depending on type, installation, and location. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We, of course, aim to use the best technologies available to guarantee a sustainable development, from emission control to lowering our energy, water and gas consumption.


Be the co-designer of your fence! Geotextile Geomembrane Geosynthetic clay liner Cellular confinement. To avoid damage and injury caused by accidents, always take the following precautions: There are various special designs of gabions to meet particular functional requirements and some special terms for particular forms have come into use.

Build your gabion wall with fencing panel – Zenturo – Betafence

Other colours on request. Our gabion panels and all their accessories received the CE certification. Technical Information Specifications Panels assortment Additional information Your Zenturo privacy wall will be created with Zenturo Super panels, rectangular Zenturo posts, and specifics accessories.

The inherent strength of the units ensures structural and dimensional stability whilst a degree of flexibility accommodates ground movement and settlement where necessary.

Angle grinder Bush hammer Ceramic tile cutter Chisel Diamond blade Lewis lifting appliance Non-explosive demolition agents Plug and feather Stonemason’s hammer Straightedge. You betaafence already heard about our patented brand such as: The modular structure of these walls allows for variation in section to be accommodated as the height increases. If you do not have the necessary skills to install the products yourself, you are advised to ask a betafenxe for assistance.

Bookmark Contact Media library. A long list of recognized products known for their resistance to our environment.


He will continue to act as Chief Executive Officer until December this year and it is currently anticipated that he will serve in an advisory capacity to the company going forward.


All designed, gabion walls should be checked by a suitably qualified structural engineer on site prior to construction. Have a look to our re-deployable protection fence! We manage our waste and monitor all production processes with care, transparency, and reliability.

Gabions for infrastructures, retaining rocks or design

Bookmark Contact Media library. Retrieved 22 November Technical Information Specifications Gabions assortment Gabion: Gabion Stonewall reduction noise is tested by a certified Laboratory measurement of airborne sound insulation of building elements. Retrieved 7 June Retrieved from ” https: Other gabions were toppled into channels as trees grew and enlarged on top of gabion revetments, leveraging them toward the river channels. We aim to use the best technologies and materials available betqfence guarantee sustainable development.

Fencing Gates Gabions Industrial mesh. For public events, summits protection Alternatively, they may be factory fitted where practical for transportation purposes.

Installation A gabion wall blocks all wind!

In combination with the Zenturo post concept and associated spider fixators, a wide variety of infills can be used to create a personal aesthetic system. These panels are mm width and are available in several heights from mm up to mm. We want to be our customers trusted partner delivering optimal products, solutions, and services.

Our security solutions can meet divergent needs.