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Placed on the throne in at the age of two, Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi became the tenth ruler of the Ch’ing Dynasty and the last From Emperor to Citizen: The Autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi. Front Cover. Puyi, William John Francis Jenner. LibraryThing Review. User Review – tonynetone – LibraryThing. Last Emperor of China by Pu Yi (Author) () Last Emperor of China 1 July – 12 July. Puyi or Pu Yi of the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan, was the last Emperor of China and the twelfth and Behr p. ; ^ Pu Yi; Jenner, W.J.F. (). From Emperor to Citizen: The Autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi. Oxford University Press. pp.

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The eunuchs said the mustaches were very hard and a lantern could be hung at its ends”. Buku ini berdasarkan penuturan Pu Yi sendiri. Some major terms are left without translation – the Boxers of the Boxer Rebellion are left as the ‘I ho chuan’ movement. In accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China at the time, Puyi’s body was cremated.

If something upset him, his dark side would emerge. Mungkin benar, walau bukan ibu kandung namun air susu mampu mendekatkan seorang ibu dengan anak susunya.

Yang perlu dihormati hanyalah orang-orang tertentu saja. He has a strong memory for faces and other details, and won’t avoid his own youthful mistakes.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Di abad 20, sementara yang lainnya bisa menikmati gaya hidup modern, Pu Yi terus menghirup udara abad ke dan sebelumnya. Mo 4 -tai 4 Huang 2 -ti 4 in China and throughout the rest of the world.

The Guangxu Emperor died without an heir. The Pedigree of the Qing House flow chart can be found in Puyi’s autobiography. China — History — 20th century. He is put in a cell with others, forced to take care of himself for the first time in his life, shown he is not above others simply because of who his parents were.


From Emperor To Citizen: The Autobiography Of Aisin Gioro Pu Yi

He prayed for the Buddha to ask forgiveness for sullying Johnston’s name. Similar Items Related Subjects: He has my deep sympathy. So sad indeed, to have one life such as Pu Yi’s. Siapa yang tahu anak yg pernah dijuluki Putera Ccitizen dan pewaris dinasti berusia ratusan tahun berubah hidupnya menjadi rakyat jelata? When we were introduced, he responded with a friendly nod.

Pada akhirnya, apa pemikiran sebenarnya Puyi cumalah Puyi sendiri yg tahu, dunia cuma bisa menebak-nebak. When at the age of nineteen Pu Yi is finally forced to vacate his isolated existence within the Forbidden City, he begins his long odyssey as the dependent of the occupying imperial Japanese regime, first in Tientsin, and eventually installed as “emperor” of the Japanese puppet state styled Manchukuo in China’s northeast provinces.

Notwithstanding the fact that China is officially a republic and a communist one at that, it is still governed with imperial pretense. Puyi’s upbringing was hardly conducive to the raising of a healthy, well-balanced child.

Aisij-gioro all 4 comments.

See 1 question about From Emperor To Citizen…. Jadi, paham ya kenapa aku masih bingung mau baca versi yg yo atau versi Edward itu, sebab pertanyaan intinya: Bahkan boleh dibilang kadang-kadang menbosankan.

Memang buku ini bukanlah buku yang akan membuatmu terkesima atau excited. Oxford University Press, Feb 06, Realini rated it really liked it Shelves: Sometimes i feel he deserves it, but as i read in one chapter when he told about how he was left alone, getting bullied, insulted, and had to suffer all the humiliation back in Fushun as prisoner, i can’t help but feel pity.


Some research later led to the fact that Bertolucci had read it before deciding to make the film. Apalagi saat ia berhasil membeli sebuah rumah untuk ditinggal bersama istri barunya Li Shu-hsien.

Lahir tanggal 7 Feb dan diangkat menjadi kaisar pada tanggal 13 Nov frkm The chapters detailing his transformation to an ordinary citizen of communist China were fascinating and demonstrated the power of Mao’s famous thought control procedure to great effect.

From Emperor To Citizen: The Autobiography Of Aisin Gioro Pu Yi by Pu Yi

Marah karena sikap Pu Yi sebagai kaisar yang semena-mena dan kejam Sedih karena sikap keluarga Pu Yi yang berbalik memusuhinya dan menjauhinya Kasihan karena Pu Yi yang sedari kecil tak pernah melakukan pekerjaan sepele hingga membuat dia sulit beradaptasi ketika di penjara yang semuanya harus dikerjakan sendiri. Pretenders to the Chinese throne and heads of the Emperod Gioro clan since Hitler was a mass killer, lunatic, insufferable and a monster, but so were, if not worse, the communist counterparts.

It appears that he was personally targeted during the Cultural Revolution and lived his last days under a cloud, which makes a very sad closing chapter to an unfortunate life. He made me feel that Westerners were the most intelligent and civilized people in the world and that he was the most learned of Westerners” and that “Johnston ot become the major part of my soul”.

Republic of China declared.