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As far as I can see, the first part of the question is just background information, and the problem is just in the use of the FontForge font editor. If I load a TTF font, make no changes, and then go to file|Generate Fonts, make a new file name in a working directory, click Generate. I get a. some tools that may help with this and I’ve found FontForge to be the font and been able to save it as but when I try to generate the.

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If you don’t want a font fonrforge be in the family simply uncheck its checkbox. I must admit that I find FontForge both the software itself and its documentation rather confusing, and it seems fonrforge have some oddities and bugs. All that remains now is for you to share your work: It is roughly equivalent to the OpenType mark-to-base feature. Generally the fontname will do, but you could chose something else. Thanks for the response, Dave.

Set this check genreate if you want to generate a font with and old broken ‘size’ feature. Apple bitmap only sfnt dfont — Only available if no outline font is generated. SVG font None The bitmap types are: The encodings live in separate cmap files which are available from adobe and perhaps other font vendors.

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Generating TTF in Mac Latin (Roman?) Encoding

As soon as this operation is completed, you may notice something puzzling. The bitmap sizes must all be present in the font database.


So this generates a ttf file that just contains bitmaps and wraps it up in a dfont. Consequently, if you decide to save the modified version of your FontForge file, be sure that you rename it in a memorable way, such as MyFont-TTF.

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Old versions of these programs will not work with the corrected ‘size’ feature. After you can run these tests without errors, you will then need to convert your paths to quadratic curves. If it passes then FontForge will save it without bothering you geneeate, but if it fails FontForge will give you the option of reviewing errors and fixing them.

Generally FontForge will be able to figure out a font’s style from its fontname, but in some cases you may wish to override this by setting the mac style directly in fontinfo.

In any event, after you have completed the simplification step, you will need to add any missing extrema points. In the fontforhe side pull-down menu, select the format of the font you are generating — either TrueType or OpenType CFFas discussed earlier.

Palm fonts — support for various palm bitmap font formats.

Design With FontForge: The Final Output, Generating Font Files

The font styles that are allowed in a family are limited geneerate the capabilities of the mac ‘FOND’ resource which only allows one style of a given type and does not support the concepts of “Light”, “Black” if there is already a “Bold” style”Oblique” if there is already an “Italic” styleetc.

The mac will not recognize a PostScript font unless you also generate a bitmap font in NFNT format and place it in the same directory.

At that point, you will again generate a. None The options dialog provides fonntforge following check boxes.

Generate Font Dialog

If you are generating a bdf font then you will be prompted for a resolution later. Simplify contours and add extrema points You should also simplify your glyphs where possible — not eliminating details, but eliminating redundant points.


For no other reason than “this is what a particular app expects”, I need to generate a TTF with glyphs encoded per “Macintosh Latin”. Korpela k 24 Postscript type1 fonts will not produce Metrics2 dictionaries If someone actually wants this let me know, it can be done, but I get the impression that nobody uses this any more.

You can also experiment with the Simplify More command also located in the same menu; it offers tweakable parameters that could prove helpful. It seems, from the screen shots, that you have started the creation of a font, selector a character position letter A gontforge, and imported a bitmap image.

The Final Output, Generating Font Files

You should also simplify your tontforge where possible — not eliminating details, but eliminating redundant points. Last but certainly not least, once your font has been thoroughly prepared technically for export, you fontfore pause and update the font metadata, making sure that important metadata information is included, and that it is up to date.

If both this and [] Apple are checked the font will have two sets of tables, Apple will look at one set, and everyone else will look at the other. In the first format a set of contours is specified for each glyph.

The outline types are: It should be something that will help identify your font of course.