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reviews Ignazio Silone’s Fontamara – Grade: A+. His real name was not Ignazio Silone – he was born Secondino Tranquilli. Pescina was not Fontamara and Silone was not a poor peasant. Fontamara estas la nomo de fikcia vilaĝo en Abruco kaj scenejo de romano de la itala verkisto Ignazio Silone. La romano estas pri vivo en.

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Using the pretext of a plot to assassinate Mussolini, all opposition parties and papers were banned. But it should come as no surprise that, having awakened to the ugly truth about Communism, they considered it a sufficient threat to their respective nations to seek to thwart it. First he was inspired and steeled by the hopes of a new world which followed the Great War and the Russian Revolution.

Review of Ignazio Silone’s Fontamara –

He arrives in Fontamara because cav. Among other things, he used the most bizarre excuses to get away from Fontamara on Sundays and returned in the evening, in reality, more than ever starving hungry and sober, but with a toothpick between his teeth and wobbling, like someone who had eaten meat and drank until they were drunk, to appear as if he were in the position to spend and indulge his whims [12] p. She is the fontamra who manages the affairs of the cafoni. Others were to echo that view.

The demonization of the adversary and the annulment of the ex-communist. The wife describes how don Ciccone loses his job as he exits the Impresario’s house, The lawyer followed after don Ciccone, holding a young man by the arm; he was blind-drunk and we saw him fall to his knees in his own urine behind the pile of fintamara [12] p. Fascism has not triumphed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


FONTAMARA by Ignazio Silone | Kirkus Reviews

He is in love with Elvira but does not think himself good enough to marry fontamxra because he does not own a piece of land. Then, nothing at all.

Italian in order that as many people understand the solone as possible. A beautiful, Madonna-like character, More than beautiful, She was a gentile, delicate creature of medium height, with a serene, sweet face, no-one had ever heard her laugh out loud or even cackle or squirm in public, or cry. The Fascists put measures in place to make life as hard as possible for the peasants. She had extraordinary modesy and reserve [12] p.

He had sold his land to don Circonstanza to fund his trip but now has no land, known as il cafone senza terra the peasant without land and is unemployed and, because of his pride, feels unfit to marry Elvira — a Madonna-like character whom he loves.

He can be read as a caricature of the role played by a large part of the professional class under Fascism, for instance those lawyers and accountants who purported to represent the workers sjlone wage negotiations and accept wage reductions on their behalf. The new Redwords edition reproduces the original version, first published in He is a friend to all and only fights with his brother-in-law over the water. From the way the author describes him, we see that people from the city were very different from the cafoni and for this they were despised.

Fucino must be freed from the impoverished small tenant farmers and given to the rich farmers. Pelino is persuading them to sign the petition.



She wants to fight against injustice and thus walks to the city with the other women to protest about the water being redirected away from Fontamara. It took less than three years for any hope of resistance within the PCI to the Stalin regime to wither. In the s he denounced the McCarthy witch hunts. It might — just might — go over, and become the rage.

He describes the sufferings of the peasants, the cafoni, still living under feudalism and further burdened under the new fascist regime of Mussolini. Berardo and Giuva find Elvira and Matala at the top of the bell tower. The novel ends with a question: He played the leading role in setting up the Italian branch of the Congress for Cultural Freedom, an organisation which unknown to him proved to be largely funded by the CIA.

Prince Torlonia features highly on the cafoni’s view of the hierarchyexplained by Michele: By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Why did he confess he was a Communist? Silone attempted to assert an independent position between the two factions.

He is seen as a personification of the Church’s betrayal of the people in signing the Concordat also known as the Lateran Treaty with the Fascist State in