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S1. Scope and Purpose. This standard specifies requirements for vehicle door locks and door retention components, including latches, hinges, and other. COMPARISON BETWEEN FMVSS No. and ECE R DOOR. COMPONENT . U.S. – FMVSS Differences in ECE R Comments. A. Application. 1. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration FMVSS Door locks and door retention components.

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Cornell Law School Search Cornell. Code Rulemaking What Cites Me.

Prevost petitioned to revise the seat belt anchorage strength requirements for last row seats having no passenger seating behind them. B Mount the test fixture to the acceleration device, and install the equipment used to record door opening. The agency requests comments on this alternative strategy and other potential enhancements to the current body block test procedure. The agency proposed these changes and, after a review of the comments received, has determined that these two revisions are appropriate and will not result in any degradation of motor vehicle safety.

Attendees should arrive early enough to enable them to go through security by 9: For test purposes, the load is to be applied through the centerline of the hinge pin, and as specified in S4. Summary This document denies a rulemaking petition submitted by Mr. The performance requirements would also ensure that seats and overhead luggage racks standatd secured and window glazing attached to its mounting during and after a rollover crash, and would ensure that emergency exits remain closed during the rollover crash standarc operable after the crash.

NHTSA is denying the petition for labeling because this would provide advice that, if followed, would threaten the safety of both the sstandard and the unborn child in a crash. Petitions for reconsideration must be received not later than November 10, You should submit comments early enough to ensure that Docket Management receives them not later than March 24, This final rule increases harmonization with existing requirements in European regulations.

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Mount the fixture with latch and striker in the fully latched position in the test machine so as to apply a load perpendicular to the face of the latch. Additionally, this final rule increases a manufacturer’s design flexibility while providing opportunity to decrease cost without compromising safety. Side Front Door is a door that, in a side view, has 50 percent or more of its opening area forward of the rearmost point on the driver ‘s seat back, when the seat back is adjusted to its most vertical and rearward position.


We believe there is widespread conformance of vehicles to the proposed fmvvss.

Summary By initiating rulemaking to consider enhancing related safety standards, this notice grants the part of the petition for rulemaking submitted by Ms. For several years, NHTSA has researched forward collision avoidance and mitigation technology on heavy vehicles, including forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking systems.

The incorporation by reference of certain publications listed in the rule is approved by the Director of the Federal Register as of August 24, Therefore, the agency grants the Petitioners’ request to initiate rulemaking on rear impact guards.

Each hinged door system shall be equipped with at least one primary door latch system.

FMVSS and EEC INTEREUROPE Standards | TriMark Corporation

This final rule is effective September 27, The agency will continue to conduct research and to evaluate real-world performance of these systems through track testing and field operational testing. Auxiliary Door Latch System consists of door latches and strikers other than those associated with the primary door latch system.

By initiating rulemaking to consider standarc related stabdard standards, this notice grants the part of the petition for rulemaking submitted by Ms.

The comment period for the RFC was originally scheduled to end on March 5, Motor carriers operating such vehicles in interstate commerce would be required to maintain the speed limiting devices for the service life of the vehicle.

49 CFR 571.206 – Standard No. 206; Door locks and door retention components.

The original comment period closed September 21, A Mount the door assembliesconsisting of at least the door latch esexterior door handle s with mechanical latch operation, interior door opening lever sand locking device seither separately or combined to a test fixture. E Vertical Setup 1 applicable only to back doors that open in a vertical direction.

Summary This NPRM proposes to upgrade the Federal motor vehicle safety standards that address rear underride protection in crashes into trailers and semitrailers.

The effective date of the final rule published on December 14, 81 FRis delayed until June 5, This document reopens the comment period for a notice of proposed rulemaking NPRM published January 28, First, NHTSA seeks comments on potential factors that should be considered in designing a pilot program for the safe on-road testing and deployment of vehicles with high and full driving automation and associated equipment. This standard applies to passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehiclesand trucks, and buses with a gross vehicle weight rating GVWR of 4, kg or less.

The combined resistance to the unlatching operation must assure that the door latch systemwhen properly assembled in the vehicle door, will remain latched when subjected to an inertial load of 30 g in the vehicle directions specified in paragraph a of this section or paragraph b of this section, as applicable, when calculated in accordance with S5. For test purposes, the load is to be applied equidistant between the linear center of the engaged portions of the hinge pin and through the centerline of the hinge pin in the longitudinal vehicle direction.

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The Petitioners’ request to initiate rulemaking on rear impact guards on trailers and single unit trucks is granted on July 10, B Longitudinal Setup 2. Door Closure Warning System is a system that will activate a visual signal when a door latch system is not in its fully latched position and the vehicle ignition is activated.

The agency is proposing performance requirements that new large buses of these types must meet in a test in which the vehicle is tipped over from an millimeter mm raised platform onto a level ground surface. By developing a robust record of the answers to these important questions, NHTSA expects to learn more about the progress of ADS and the ways in which the Agency can facilitate safe and efficient ADS testing and deployment for the benefit of individual consumers and the traveling public as a whole.

Hinge attitude is configured to simulate the vehicle position door fully closed relative to the hinge centerline. Hinge is a device system used to position the door relative to the body structure and control the path of the door swing for passenger ingress and egress. Title 49 published on Nov The effective date of this final rule is November 29, The requirements of S4.

Petitions for reconsideration of this final rule must be received not later than March 24, The compliance date for the amendments in this final rule is September 27, By mandating V2V technology in all new vehicles, but not requiring specific safety applications, it is NHTSA’s belief that such capability will in turn facilitate market-driven development and introduction of a variety of safety applications, as well as mobility and environment-related applications that can potentially save drivers both time and fuel.

Orient the door subsystem s on the acceleration device in the direction of a driver -side impact.